LG Petrov – Entombed A.D. “From The Ashes, They Rise”

Entombed A.D. should be no strangers to fans of death metal, or metal in general, for that matter. Entombed A.D. began its life in 2014 but was a rebirth of the cult death metal Scandinavians Entombed. Now Entombed burst on to the scene in the late 1980s and revolutionised death metal with the release of Left Hand Path, followed by Clandestine. But leading on from these two releases, the band pushed the boundaries of death metal and involved a lot of traditional metal structures and sounds, as well as hard rock overtones, and they became known as a “Death & Roll” band by the mid-1990s. From early 2000 the band went through a number of line-up changes and finally ceased. So now to Entombed AD, as stated earlier, the band arose from the ashes of members of Entombed and in conjunction with Century Media, have continued the “Death & Roll” sound, with the release of Back to the Front in 2014 and Dead Dawn in 2016. The band has forged a reputation of an energy packed live act with attitude and intensity built on their rich history, and Australia is very fortunate to welcome them to their shores for the third time in May this year.

I recently caught up with LG Petrov, lead vocalist, to discuss all things Entombed AD and their up and coming Australian tour.

How would you describe the sound of Entombed AD to the uninitiated?

“Well, it is has a Swedish metal sound as it is, but also what it is supposed to be sounding like in 2017. It is just, and has always sounded like metal, but it is us! Full of energy and aggression but with a sense of sincerity and a groove! There will always be groove!!”

Can you talk us through how Entombed AD came to be?

“It is a long story, but ultimately it is the same band really. It is Entombed. You know like all bands, if you have been going on for more than twenty years there is always people leaving the band and this is how it has always been. So we had disputes with the name with a past member of the band and so we decided to put out a record and change the name so we could go out and play. We added “AD” and here we are and we are touring like hell. You know it’s the same band but without one member. That’s probably the best way to describe this situation”

So what is in the future for Entombed AD?

“Of course we know when we play, it is not time to dwell on bad things as we only look ahead. We have come out with two records and we have been touring a lot and we have a month break at the moment. New ideas are coming out and you never really stop from doing music. You know we have to keep up to date and there is going to be a record in the near future. We will do a new album and tour, and the cycle continues. You always have to have a plan, we take it easy but there is a continuation of work. It is really exciting to come to Australia again. We have been there three times and time flies and it has been over ten years since the last gig and that is ridiculous, we should have been here over five times.”

Now to Dead Dawn, what does this album mean to you looking back nearly a year later and how does it fit into your catalogue?

“It still holds up and we play the songs live and we have played it a lot. And we feel just as excited to play it live and this proves that we have good songs and we love playing it live as well as the old songs. It is good to have the good range of songs and it is fantastic that live they all sit together. Like all bands, when you release an album you have to be happy with it first and then over time you grow to feel how important the album actually is and I can say that we are still very proud of Dead Dawn.”

What death metal bands within the scene currently do you listen to?

“I am very much looking forward to the new Obituary. You can always rely on them, they are brilliant. I am also looking forward the next Napalm Death. But I always just listen to the albums you always go back to, like Persecution Mania from Sodom, this is a big favourite of mine. I actually love all of Sodom’s material but for me personally this one is special.”

So what is the essence of an Entombed AD show?

“Complete energy and head banging and being one with the audience. It is like we are standing in the front row of the show we want to be a part of it. And when you see the connection with the audience that is what makes our show. I actually hope that the venues are close and personal as these shows have the best energy.”

Are there anything final words for your Australian fans ahead of your Australian tour?

“We are really happy that we could organise this and we are grateful for this happening. We will always keep coming back if people want us. So we are pumped to be coming back to Australia.”

Entombed AD is a band who need to be witnessed to be believed. I know that we have seen  a lot of death metal acts over the last ten years or so, however, Entombed AD, bring a very different approach to death metal and the boundaries of how “bands like that,” should sound. Entombed AD hit our shores on the 9th of May through to the 13th thanks to Doug Dalton Hardline Media. – MARK SNEDDEN


ENTOMBED A.D. – Australian Tour Dates May 2017

Tuesday 9th MayBrisbane – Crowbar

Wednesday 10th MaySydney – Manning Bar

Thursday 11th May Melbourne – Max Watts

Friday 12th MayAdelaide – Fowlers Licensed All Ages

Saturday 13th MayPerth – Amplifier

Tickets On-Sale Tuesday 14th March 9:00am AEDT from: www.hardlinemedia.net

Limited VIP meet n greet available

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