Pat Kirch – The Maine ‘Bad Behaviour and a Decade of Dedication’

When they’re not preparing for their upcoming Australian tour alongside All Time Low and Neck Deep, The Maine are calmly biding their time and eagerly anticipating chatting to us getting on the plane down here. We had a quick chat to drummer Pat Kirch in the lead up:

Congrats on celebrating a decade together, what’s your key to holding it down and preventing fall outs?

We all get along really well and have been friends for so long that it never feels like work. I think the biggest thing we have going for us is that we only do things that we enjoy. We make the music we want to make and tour with the bands we want to tour with. I think most bands that end up having issues is because they are doing things that not everyone actually believes in, then conflict starts. For us we always just go with what feels good at the time for us. 

Was it an easy decision to go independent rather than have a record company control what you’re doing?

We are always looking to have as much control as possible over what we are doing so for us it was really easy to decide. It feels good to know that we can give our fans the best experience because there isn’t a label thinking about how to make the most money possible. We have now put out more albums on our own than we did on a record label so we don’t think about it much anymore. It is just a part of what we do! 

Your new album Lovely Little Lonely is on the way, how much of that will we be hearing on the Australian tour?

I think we will play a good mix of all the albums! Once we get out on the road we will see which new songs are the most fun to play and we will add those into the set. We have so many albums now that it gets harder and harder to make a set list. 

With new music, would you prefer to release a song before playing it at shows or are you happy with fans hearing it for the first time from bad footage shot on a mobile phone? haha

We usually like people hearing the songs recorded before starting to play them live, but we have had songs that we only played live for years and then finally recorded and there is something special about that too. I think it really depends on the song! For most songs on new albums though we like to wait to play them live until the album is out for everyone to hear. 

Does the single set the tone for the album or does it sound different to the rest of Lovely Little Lonely?

The record has a bit of everything and it really flows together. This is the first time that we have made a record where each song transitions into the next and that is something I am very proud of. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the album as a whole and her different things they missed with each new listen! 

It would be an ALL TIME LOW if you were caught NECK DEEP in…? 


This question is from a big fan in Sydney named Amy – what hotel are you staying at? haha

They don’t give me this kinda info hahah

See you guys soon for the tour, looking forward to the show!

Interviewed by Bree Vane. Find her on Facebook & Instagram



With Special Guests Neck Deep and The Maine


Friday 12th May – Riverstage (Licensed All Ages)


Saturday 13th May – Hordern Pavilion (Licensed All Ages)


Sunday 14th May – Festival Hall (Licensed All Ages)


Tuesday 16th May – Thebarton Theatre (Licensed All Ages)


Thursday 18th May – Metropolis (18+)


Friday 19th May – Metropolis (Under 18)

Tickets Here

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