New Found Glory Announce 20 Years Of Pop Punk Anniversary Tour

The godfathers of pop punk New Found Glory will be heading to Australia this August for a very special 20 Years of Pop Punk Anniversary tour. To celebrate two decades as a band, New Found Glory will be playing two classic albums in full each night for an evening of nostalgia and infectious punk anthems.

Back in the country for the first time since 2015, each night New Found Glory will play two select albums from their discography prior to 2010 in full. Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane will be treated to a night of Sticks and Stones (2002) and Catalyst (2004), meanwhile, Sydney will see two nights with Sticks and Stones / Self-Titled (2000) at the first date, followed by Catalyst / Not Without A Fight (2009) at the second. Melbourne will be treated to their entire pre-2010 catalogue with Sticks and Stones / Coming Home on night one, Catalyst / Not Without a Fight on night two and Self-Titled / Nothing Gold Can Stay will on the final night of the tour.


Check out the video for the first single “Happy Being Miserable” from their upcoming album, Makes Me Sick.

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