Linkin Park perform Nu-Metal version of ‘Heavy’ and Condescendingly take aim at haters!

Ok, we admit we’ve been focused on Linkin Park quite heavily this week, mainly because their new direction has fans worried and it forced us to try and work out where it went wrong for the band, but at least the world is talking about them right? Right?

The guys seem to be completely unfazed by the flood of negative criticism their new song ‘Heavy‘ has received and earlier today while they were Live Streaming a rehearsal, they gave viewers a look at how the track would sound if they actually returned to their nu-metal roots and released a heavier version for us. The end result, well, it actually sounds pretty fuckin good if you ask me! While still very raw, it shows the potential the song could have had and how just a few minor major changes could bring back that love we had for them when they first emerged 17 years ago.

The video ends with the band stating to give the kids what they want and front-man Chester Bennington condescendingly saying:

“There’s your fuckin’ Hybrid Theory now shut the… [fuck up]”

*The video has since been edited to remove Chester’s comment from the very end but the comments section still reveals his words heard by myself and fans alike.

Ouch. Have a listen and let us know what you think (from the 2:15 mark) – Browny (@brownypaul)

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