You can’t make this shit up, The Grammys also fucked up Megadeth’s award acceptance

Following on from The Grammy‘s absolute balls up of Metallica‘s performance yesterday we’ve finally seen some of the videos circulating with other members of the metal community and came across this doozy of when Megadeth won the award for Best Metal Performance beating out the likes of Gojira, Baroness, Korn and Periphery.

As the band made their way to the stage (from what appears to be the very back of the room) the house band performed Metallica‘s “Master of Puppets” as they made they walked down the aisle. Now all can be forgiven for the band not knowing any of Megadeth‘s songs (although how hard is it to learn “Sweating Bullets“) but to play a song by the band who kicked out Dave Mustaine back in the day and who he has publicly slammed for doing so years for so many years following is not only disrespectful but in poor taste of you ask me!

Yes we know the Grammys are a joke to anyone who isn’t a mainstream pop act  but for fucks sake, how about treating every band/musician with the same respect on the so called “night of nights” for the music industry.

Looking forward to waiting another 364 days to see what the fuck up next year. #MetalBandsBoycottGrammys


UPDATE: Dave Mustaine has shared his thoughts on the situation.


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  1. BTW! I’ve been writing something I’ve called/tagged Classic Albums on my own blog for the last year or so and yesterday I figured out Megadeth is my top post in that set! So if you wanna check it out it’s here:

  2. WTF! No wonder I never watch award shows!

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