Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: The Top 7 Songs You NEED to witness on their Tour.

Australians always support their own, especially when they’re as exceptionally talented as the man who’s Mum calls him Nicholas Edward Cave. With his band The Bad Seeds he’s taken over the globe for the past 34 years and has shown no signs of stopping… not that we want him to either.

The band have already kickstarted their massive 10 show Australian Tour so we decided to count down the Top 7 songs you have to hear to amp yourself up for seeing this legend in the flesh. Even if you haven’t before, this is one band you must cross off your bucket list before you die. Starting with:

#7 – Where the Wild Roses Grow feat. Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue on her own… not my cup of tea. Kylie Minogue singing a duet with Nick Cave. Exceptional! Fans can only hope she pops up during one of the scheduled shows to belt out this one.

#6 – Fifteen Feet o Pure White Snow

There’s no way to explain Nick’s eccentric style because he can go from one extreme to the other in a matter of minutes, here’s one example of that.

#5 – The Weeping Song

Not since Bowie and Jagger has there been more iconic music partnership like Nick and Blixa and this effort from 1990‘s album The Good Son, proving great band’s need singers who can not only sound good, but make the other stand out more.

#4 – Jubilee Street

With a combination of slow jam beginnings and full on band collaboration at the climax Jubilee Street is certainly one to get you in the mood mid-concert. No one will see you, just do follow what your heart wants 😉

#3 – Henry Lee

They don’t make love songs like this anymore. PJ Harvey and Cave bounce off each other like long lost lovers dying to be with each other. If you didn’t fall pregnant after hearing this for the first time, did you really hear it?

#2 – Into My Arms

I’m a sucker for a ballad at the best of times and this has been one that ALWAYS seems to get a play on the old iPod. From first listen, it draws you in wanting more and more. With a full backing band behind his voice, this song will have everyone in tears by the time the last note is played.

#1 – Red Right Hand

I was a very young boy at the age of 9 when I was first introduced to this song thanks to Wes Craven‘s thriller masterpiece “Scream“. The song oozed with class and my obsession with Nick Cave following strongly afterwards. At times (before the internet kids) I would play the movie just so I could hear the snippet of the song used in the various scenes. If you ever need to introduce Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds to someone, this is the song to show them!


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