Move over Wiggles, there’s a new kids group to get your littles ones moshing

With newcomers like Japan’s Baby Metal it was only a matter of time before the metal community started seeing a flow of acts coming through to appeal to a much younger audience and introduce them to the wonderful world of METAL \m/

The latest group we’ve come across are Finland dinosaur rockers Hevisaurus who are like a combination of Barney the Dinosaur and Disturbed, complete with exceptional costumes and plenty of guitar riffs to melt your toddlers faces… in a good way. The group formed back in 2009, have 7 albums to their name which have sold over 170,000 copies and are probably making you think right now, I could have come up with that idea myself!!!


According to the band’s history:

“Five dinosaur eggs made from metal survived the mass extinction some 65 million years ago in the mountain of wizards. In the year 2009 witches gathered at the same place. A giant lightning bolt hit the ground and simultaneously creating ash and revealing the eggs. From the power of the witches’ chants, the eggs exploded open and five Hevisaurus’ hatched.

It’s only  a matter of time before they set off on their worldwide kids tours, so while The Wiggles are focusing on 18+ shows, get your kids into these Pre-HISTORIC-Metallers

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