KYNG – Breathe in the Water (Album Review)

KYNG – Breathe in the Water


KYNG Line up:

Tony Castaneda (Bass/Back up Vocals)
Pepe Clarke (Drums)
Eddie Veliz Guitar (Lead Vocals)KYNG online:


Los Angeles trio, Kyng return with album number three, Breathe in the Water. Barely two years since the very good Burn the Serum, an album which was filled with potential, but perhaps didn’t quite live up to expectation. For people who aren’t sure who the hell Kyng are, I urge you to check out the self-titled track from Burn the Serum, in hindsight an opening track for that album that probably set the bar a little too high for the rest of the record. My personal, ‘Song of the Year’ in 2014, I was looking forward to seeing how this band had progressed with Breathe in the Water. Suffice to say, I needn’t had worried. The new Kyng record is by far their best collection of songs on the one album and without a doubt one of the best hard rock albums of 2016.

14225545_10154574244562318_600577948927168827_nIf fans were let down slightly by the latest Alter Bridge record or looking for something a tad heavier than The Sword or Soundgarden, look no further than Kyng. On previous records Kyng’s outstanding feature was no doubt, the riffage. Eddie Veliz (vocals/guitar) and Tony Castaneda (bass, backup vocals) combine to master some great riffs and hooks once more, however, this time Veliz opens up with some great solos that whilst not entering Tremonti or Slash dexterity, still offer Kyng a little more indulgence and make the new record far more enjoyable as a whole.

The latest Kyng offering kicks off with a heavy fast paced banger, ‘Pristine Warning’ before a clearly Queens of the Stoneage influenced title track. ‘Closer to the End’ allows some great Veliz vocals emulating something between Alter Bridge and Monster Magnet – whichever your poison, it’ll have you singing along by the end of the track.

The tranquil ‘Show Me Your Love’ again highlights Veliz’s incredible vocal range, something missing on a large part of most hard rock/metal albums these days. ‘The Dead’ enters to some more sweet guitar work, sounding very Pearl Jam before heading into heavier pastures and I can’t help but think Foo Fighters, which is definitely not a bad thing. The Foo Fighters influence continues on into next track, ‘Bipolar Schemes’, a track that wouldn’t look out of place on commercial radio.

Adding more depth and further flow to Breathe in the Water, something that was lacking on Burn the Serum, Kyng introduce a duo of interludes or brief respites scattered amongst the tracks. Included the subtle but muffled instrumental, ‘Reckoning Part 1’ and the acoustics of ‘The Beginning of What Was’. The interludes allow the album to breathe (pardon the pun!) as 14 tracks in total is a lot to digest at first listen.

All in all an album that delivers not only riffs upon riffs but Veliz’s stellar vocals, some great lyrics and more importantly a record that keeps the listener simply wanting more. One of the best rock albums of 2016, this is one Kyng-dom that deserves it’s share.

9 crowns out of 10

01. “Pristine Warning”
02. “Breathe in the Water”
03. “Closer to the End”
04. “Follow Blindly”
05. “Show Me Your Love”
06. “Reckoning Part 1″
07. “The Dead”
08. “Bipolar Schemes”
09. “Hide From You”
10. “Song for a Broken Masque”
11. “The Beginning of What Was”
12. “The Battle of the Saint / Lines”
13. “Not Enough”
14. “What I’m Made Of / Reckoning Part 2″


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