Airbourne – Breakin’ Outta Hell (Album Review)

AIRBOURNE – Breakin’ Outta Hell



Joel O’Keeffe – vocals/lead guitar
David Roads – guitar
Justin Street – bass
Ryan O’Keeffe – drums



From the pub to the stadium as Airbourne tap into the keg of riffs and brew up another batch of unadulterated rock. For a long time, these Aussie battlers have landed some unprecedented festival slots for an Aussie band across Europe but time and time again come up short in their homeland. New album, Breakin’ Outta Hell has dropped, the band’s fourth- will this finally be the album that launches Airbourne into the echelon of the hard rock scene in Australia?

airbourne-breakin-outta-hell-album-cover-1The inevitable comparisons to Ac/Dc will forever be a hindrance to this band. Maligned for their similarity with Australia’s biggest export and with its two feet firmly entrenched in the ‘Young’ school of rock, Airbourne can’t deny where their roots lay. However, if you can look past the comparison, a world of debaucherously sleaze filled rock awaits.

The album kicks off with the title track and it hits you straight away, with those killer Airbourne riffs. They may be straight from the Young Encyclopedia of Rock but when you’re looking to kick off a party or a pre Sunday sesh rev up, there is probably no other band to turn too unless you re-trace those famous Ac/Dc albums of the Scott-era or early Brian Johnson albums. ‘Rivalry’, the second single from the album, screams stadium. By stadium, I mean just that. Airbourne plays stadiums overseas and this track is the kind of riff and bludgeoning dose of heavy beats that gets heads bangin’!

The album ploughs on, swinging from heavy rock riffs to a more battle hardened faster beat (‘Thin the Blood’), then sway into the non-too subtle tracks such as ‘Down On You’; a self-explanatory tongue-in-cheek (Editor – well, close!) ditty. The album concludes with, ‘It’s All for Rock and Roll’, a nod to the late and great Lemmy Kilmister. A thudding ending to an all-round enjoyable album.

Whilst this album isn’t their best material overall, it’s still worth the price of admission. Crank it high, wind down your window and let loose your inner bogan. Airbourne may borrow a legends trait but you can’t falter their enthusiasm or consistency.

7.5 brews out of 10

Breakin’ Outta Hell track listing:

1   Breakin’ Outta Hell
2   Rivalry
3   Get Back Up
4   It’s Never Too Loud For Me
5   Thin The Blood
6   I’m Going To Hell For This
7   Down On You
8   Never Been Rocked Like This
9   When I Drink I Go Crazy
10 Do Me Like You Do Yourself
11  It’s All For Rock N’ Roll

Check out some of the tracks below…..


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