Jeremy Lenzo – Mayday Parade ‘Lines Drawn’

Mayday Parade return to Australia this week kicking off with a show at Brisbane’s iconic, Eaton’s Hill Hotel before heading to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and finally Perth. 2015 release, Black Lines will be featured heavily showcasing a more rambunctious sound from past albums, though we’re sure a bucketload of classic Mayday Parade tracks will be covered!

We spoke to Jeremy Lenzo, bass player from the band to get the low down on the tour and their preparations…..

You’re so close to getting back to Australia, what’s the first thing you personally want to do while you’re here (when you’re not working?)

Go to the beach! And you guys have some pretty cool zoos that we like to try and go to as well.

 Are you worried you’ll leave with an alcohol problem? It is Australia after all. 

 I feel like I would be more of an alcoholic by living in America. Our prices are a lot cheaper here.

On most recent release Black Lines you experimented a little with the sound and worked with Mike Sapone. How much did he contribute to finding that new sound?

Well we knew what we wanted to do, and knew that from Mike’s past work that he would be a good fit at getting us there. He’s really great at finding the right sound to fit the part. Sometimes a little to much. We could be working on finding a certain guitar sound for hours.

There is a lot of intensity and energy with your on stage performance and the crowd really feeds off it. Do your personalities differ much away from the live side?

I feel like we are more reserved off stage. We have been doing this for ten years now so we have slowly gotten the wild side out of our system. Although if you get a couple drinks in us, who knows.

 You have been touring a long time and successfully at that. Are there routines you put yourself through before you head off on the road and while you are touring to stay in shape?

Everyone sort of has their own routine, some of the guys work out every day on and off the road, or go jogging. Maybe the hotel has a workout room or something. Some of us don’t do anything, and sadly I fall into that category.

 After a decade on the scene and releasing 2015’s Black Lines, what you described as a darker, grittier album, do you have a direction the next album is heading in?

We are currently trying to figure that out. We loved what we did with the last album, but want to switch it up a little again. So at the moment I don’t know what direction it will take.

 This year you played the Warped Tour with the likes of Sum 41, Yellowcard and new Found Glory, do you still have fanboy moments on tours with huge names on the list like them?

 Not so much. There are some bands that we’ve played with where I think to myself, wow, that’s so and so, but it doesn’t happen often.

Who do you think has had the better comeback of 2016 – Sum 41 or Blink-182 haha?

That “haha” at the end of your question makes me think this is a trick question. I’m going to say both of them have done well, but they’re also at two very different levels.

You’re approaching 10 years for your A Lesson in Romantics album, would you consider an anniversary tour?

 We would consider it, maybe we already are? I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

As bands get old they stop playing certain songs they used to thrash earlier in their careers. Do you have any that you just got sick of playing or that you miss playing altogether?

I hate playing ‘Three Cheers for Five Years’, but it’s a crowd favorite so we will never be able to stop playing it. It’s a catch 42.

For those people who have heard of you guys, but never had the chance to see you or hear any music, why should they change that and start listening?

Well we have a variety of albums to choose from, and I feel like they each offer something different. So if you don’t like one album you may like another. I don’t know if I have a good reason as to why they should listen. We try and write catchy songs so if you like catchy melodies maybe it’s your thing.

Any messages for the fans already lining up to see you?

We’re happy to finally be back, we’ve missed you guys. Hopefully you can make it out the show to party with us, and thank you once again for all your support.

Mayday Parade tour starts this week! Sydney and the 170 Russell Show in Melbourne are SOLD OUT. A few tickets remain for other shows. Don’t miss out!

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