Exclusive: We interrogate Cambridge front-man Brad Smith as the band surprise releases their new EP!

Sydney pop-punk outfit Cambridge have surprised fans by chucking a Beyonce and released a brand new EP right from under our noses, proving you should always be vigilant of what your favourite band are up to. The 5 song 28 Year Ago EP takes a look back at how good life was in your early 20’s and how things have changed since then. A real coming of age story from the writings of vocalist Brad Smith, bass/vocals Dave Smith, guitar/vocals Scott Rooney and drummer Scott Young.

Front-man Brad is no stranger to big life changing events which can make or break your career (and life) was publicly kicked from his former band Heroes for Hire back in 2013 but he didn’t let that small hiccup get in the way of his music making endeavours, instantly scouting for musicians to form a new band in the same year. From there the guys released their debut album Create. Destroy. Rebuild in 2014 and have managed to share the stage opening for some big international acts including We The Kings, New Found Glory, Motion City Soundtrack and soon to play with Mayday Parade in Sydney on October 7th. Not to let the guys get away with such a risky move without interrogation, we snatched Brad Smith for a quick chat about the process and the past few years:

Why did you decide to release a surprise EP and not give us all warning?

We actually recorded this a a while back and due to some personal stuff we didn’t have the right time to get it out. A few weeks back we decided we just want new music out there no matter the lead up time or press and here we are now with an EP out for all your ears!

In terms of themes or issues addressed with the EP what do you focus on?

I guess the theme is more about learning how things are different now that we are past our early 20’s and the way we look at those times in our lives

Over the past 3 years you’ve come from nothing to getting invites left right and centre to play shows with Big Acts, who are you most excited to play with?

For me personally I can’t wait to play with Mayday Parade. Over the years I’ve become really good friends with those dudes so getting the chance to play a sold out home town show with them is awesome!

Alright time to get down and dirty, it’s been a few years since you were ousted by Heroes for Hire very publicly, how did that news feed your fuel to make Cambridge a household name?

Look at first I wasn’t going to do the whole band thing after all that but soon after i realised playing shows was something I wasn’t ready to give up so started Cambridge with some of my best mates. I suppose it helped get the ball rolling but just the having fun with mates and starting a new adventure was what really fuelled me.

Seeing as though nothing new really came about after your departure, is that an indication that you were the driving force for the band?

Look at the end of the day it was a bit of a messy parting but that’s life, some things go your way others don’t. I’m sure at that point it seemed like the best decision for them and maybe it wasn’t I don’t know the answer to that. All I know is I went down this path with Cambridge and am stoked that things are finally gaining some traction and just pumped to be playing shows and releasing music after a time when I thought I may not get the chance anymore.


A lot of fans would be wondering about the idea of a reunion at some point… what are your thoughts?

In the words of the great man Justin Bieber “never say never”  haha but to be honest I’m 100% focused on Cambridge for the foreseeable future so it’s really not likely to happen.

Talking about Cambridge again, what are your plans for the next 12 months?

We really just want to play as many shows as we can here and overseas! We are also working on new music as we speak so keep on the look out for that too (I promise we will give some warning next time haha)


Get your hands on the brand new Cambridge – 28 Years Ago EP right here

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