Crobot – Welcome To Fat City (Album Review)

Welcome To Fat City…. is a complex album with more layers than Shrek’s onion

CROBOT – Welcome To Fat City

OUT 23rd September 2016


Brandon Yeagley | lead vocals, harmonica
Chris Bishop | guitars, vocals
Jake Figueroa | bass
Paul Figueroa | drums

CROBOT Online:

Nuclear Blast

With their second release on Nuclear Blast Records, Crobot unleash an album of heavy bluesy and downright dirty tunes. From opening track ‘Welcome To Fat City’, the Pennsylvanian quartet lays down dirty Southern grooves intertwined with plenty of 70’s inspired guitar. You’re instantly transported back in time to when the wah-wah was king. But it’s more than a nostalgic trip, it’s a little bit trippy.

CrobotThis is a complex album with more layers that Shrek’s onion. The 70’s vibe and swirling psychedelic soundscape make way for some heavy as fuck and near-doom metal grinding. Throw in some foot stomping Southern Rock, ballsy blues and a good dose of headbanging and you’re some way to understanding where this band is coming from. Personally, I’m not sure where that is, but the journey the listener will be taken on is one of great musical length and breadth. Trying to put my finger on who Crobot remind me of, I eventually give up and realise they remind me of every rock band I love. They’re as cool as Aerosmith, heavy as Black Sabbath, bluesy as Led Zeppelin and have the groove of Pantera … I could go on but you get the idea.

The rhythm section of brothers Jake and Paul Figueroa grind and groove in equal measures. On tracks like the monster ‘Plague Of The Mammoth’ or the excellent ‘Easy Money’ the pair almost play as one, inviting you to sit back, close your eyes and get lost in the rhythm. Chris Bishop’s guitar work is another highlight o
f the album. Swapping down-tuned and dirty thick grooves with hyperactive riff work, Bishop rivals the great Tom Morello in riff gymnastics and hallucinogenic effects. Throw in Brandon Yeagley’s sonic vocals and impressive range and you have all the ingredients for an amazing rock album, with Yeagley blowing harp like he went down to the crossroads and dealt with the Devil himself.

Crobot may well be the future of rock music. If they are I can tell you the future is in very good hands indeed.

I’m giving Welcome To Fat City 9 funky wah-wah pedals out of 10.

Welcome To Fat City track listing:

  1. Welcome To Fat City
  2. Play It Cool
  3. Easy Money
  4. Not For Sale
  5. Hold On For Dear Life
  6. Temple In The Sky
  7. Right Between The Eyes
  8. Blood On The Snow
  9. Steal The Show
  10. Moment Of Truth
  11. Plague Of The Mammoth

By Gareth Williams

Check out the first single Not For Sale:


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