Danny Kenneally – As Paradise Falls – ‘A Voiceless Roar’

After getting the nation’s attention from their 2014 EP ‘Save Yourself’, metalers As Paradise Falls are back on the scene with brand new track ‘Digital Ritual’ – a teasing instrumental resurgence of what’s yet to come.

Guitarist Danny Kenneally is looking forward to the upcoming album, particularly as it’ll be the band’s first full length. “I think it’s got twelve tracks or thirteen tracks on it, we’re really excited about it!”

With a djent influence to their new single, curiosity begs to know what sound the band’s record might sound like. “We’re going for a diverse release; we wanted every song to sound a little bit different” and falling under different sub-genres he says. “[The new single] was a good stepping stone into that sort of path of a diverse sound but it all transpires to certain areas of metal eventually.”

Beyond their recent tragic events, the band will have a new vocalist and guitarist to announce imminently, but with the new track being an instrumental, people are getting really curious. “Maybe in the next music video we’ll reveal him, and it won’t be an instrumental so his voice will be heard [Kenneally laughs], but when we will reveal his full identity, we’re unsure just yet.”

Fans are obviously speculating who might be on the microphone for the band’s next chapter. “There’s a lot of people discussing who it might be. We’ve worked with other vocalists in the past so people are getting ideas not many people have got it yet” – suggesting that some have certainly nailed it.

So will the guitarist give us any clues? Short answer is no, unfortunately. “He’s pretty well known, been in a couple of bands, he’s a bit older than us so he’s got a bit of experience touring.” Is Michael Crafter coming out retirement? Doesn’t seem like it – “he’s currently carrying out some more duties from some other bands he’s been filling for, so when he finishes up with them, we’re gonna [sic] take him.” Triple J’s The Racket’s Lochlan Watt just finished a huge run of dates with Thy Art is Murder, could he be on the cards? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The band’s music videos boast impressive production qualities, ultimately chewing through the local band’s budget, but Kenneally believes it’s important. “It creates a really good image for your band [as well as a] theme of what you’re trying to sell” he says boldly. The music is certainly important, but you can share a little bit more with imagery; it creates great anticipation for a live show as well.

“So if you put that effort into the videos, you can replicate a lot of that energy on stage.”

A lot of bands are going down the ‘lyric video’ road these days, but it seems to be done a bit too much. “We’ve always tip-toed around the lyric video idea but I personally think there’s better ways to do a video than just fill it out with lyrics.” The musician reckons that whilst some bands are getting away with tacky renditions, other bands are getting creative and pull it off well. “Bands like Bring Me the Horizon did it heaps better than just a lyric video, by adding exceptional imagery [in a cost-effective way].”

Of course, in addition to the new album that As Paradise Falls will be working on, they are taking a special break to Bangkok for one show, supporting the almighty Suicide Silence. The guitarist discusses why they didn’t extend it to a South-East Asia tour. “We didn’t really want to push and go out on tour too much, we just got offered a good spot that we couldn’t say no to (he laughs) – there’s just no way to say no, you just don’t do it.”

The fans are pretty mental in that corner of the world, so no doubt the band are in for a bloody treat. In the meantime, can hometown fans expect a national tour in the near future?

“Maybe we’ll do one [tour] before, I know we’ll release a couple of singles so that might be enough to get us out there but we’ll just see what happens I think.”

Ricky Aarons (rickysaul90)

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