THE PINEAPPLE THIEF – Your Wilderness (Album Review)


Out Now.

The Pineapple Thief Line Up:

Bruce Soord – Vocals, Guitars
Jon Sykes – Bass
Steve Kitch – Keyboards


English rock band The Pineapple Thief are rallying a cause for engrossing and subtle music. Their sound is refreshing and harrowing, but completely engaging. They’ve brought out the most in their unique, dramatic formula. A formula that works wonders and paints a grand picture.The music definitely comes straight from the heart. It pulsates and ultimately beats like a pulse. It also carries forward a meaning. There is struggle in the lyrics, there’s hurt and pain, there’s a monumental blast of urgency. And this comes from a humble band of warriors with sophisticated minds.

13934873_10154409108788497_4444146947482864412_nThe new record Your Wilderness is a colossal statement. A statement of love for the technicalities of music. The sound is big and bold, sombre at times. And you will fall in love with what you are hearing, a decisive piece of artistic wonderment. It really is that good. The songs on the record are atmospheric and sincere. Naturally evolving as they play on. There are acoustic gems throughout as well as guitar driven tracks that add a definitive contrast. Beautiful sounds are also plentiful, little changes of direction, little notes of amazement.

The album just works. It has been crafted by three men that know the workings of music and its engine. They’re truly on form, masterminding everything that they create. The back beat, the vocals, the lyrics, the instrumentals are all composed with great structure and intent. The album starts with ‘In Exile’. A subtle drumbeat opens the song and lets the vocals in flawlessly. The songs rarely lifts up, it’s calm and grounded, with a little a tinge of guitar in the background. ‘That Shore’ is a brilliant, progressive track that highlights the band’s credibility and talent. The lyrics seem to express a struggle. ‘The Final Thing On Your Mind’ begins with a great guitar line and drumbeat. The vocals break in well and the whole song just screams for hope.

The Pineapple Thief are a band that work hard. Their sound is completely unique and compelling, drawn from harsh experiences.


Your Wilderness Track listing:

  1. In Exile
  2. No Man’s Land
  3. Tear You Up
  4. That Shore
  5. Take Your Shot
  6. Fend For Yourself
  7. The Final Thing On My Mind
  8. Where We Stood

By Mark McConville