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OPETH reveal title track ‘Sorceress’ from upcoming album at

As the heavy-rock and metal scenes brace for one of the year’s most anticipated albums, experimental prog pioneers OPETH has declared the wait is over. Today, the band has partnered with to unveil the first new song and title track, ‘Sorceress’, from their upcoming, 12th studio album that’s due out on September 30th via the band’s imprint label Moderbolaget Records with Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

Listen to ‘Sorceress’ and read an exclusive interview with Mikael Åkerfeldt now at–ks-obscure-prog-inspired-new-lp-w431901

“Here you go kids! Here’s the title track, ‘Sorceress,’ combined with the now obligatory lyric video. Why not, eh? We’re happy with the tune. It’s heavy, a bit “meat and potato,” but what the hell…we love it! Hope you do too!”Mikael Åkerfeldt

Additionally, OPETH, with their label, has launched a variety of pre-orders for physical copies of  »Sorceress« that can be purchased today. The record will be available in an array of formats and editions including Standard Jewel CD, 2CD Digipak, 2LP Vinyl (in various colors at 180 gram)

Up and coming multi-national rock act BLUES PILLS have released another brand new song called ‘Little Boy Preacher’ off their upcoming album, »Lady In Gold« (out August 5). Watch the lyric video by editor extraordinaire Tommy Antonini ( here:

 See the latest video trailer in which the band answers a short and fun Q&A:

Watch the first trailer about the title of the record and its meaning, here:

 Today, Dutch symphonic metal stars EPICA release the lyric video for their first single entitled ‘Universal Death Squad’. The song comes from the upcoming album »The Holographic Principle« and is an impressive first demonstration of what fans can expect from EPICA‘s sound in the year 2016. Watch the clip here:

Download the new single ‘Universal Death Squad’ here:

“The first song we unleash upon you is “Universal Death Squad”,” states guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen“This track is representative for “The Holographic Principle”, as it’s a heavy and melodic album. The lyrics are dealing about advanced robotic legions with a self-determination to kill. We have chosen for a different kind of lyric-video concept in which EPICA plays the track in a rehearsal room. The song is very much fun to play and I expect this one will do very well on stage. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did creating it!”

EPICA’s new masterpiece »The Holographic Principle« will be released via Nuclear Blast on September 30th, but you can already pre-order your version here and choose from the different available formats – including many special bonus features for fans

Extreme metallers BRUJERIA will release their fourth full length album, entitled »Pocho Aztlan« , on Mexican Independence Day (September 16) via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Today, the band has released the first single from that album in the form of a lyric video. Check out the song ‘No Aceptan Imitaciones’ here:

»Pocho Aztlan« is now available for pre-order on iTunes

»Pocho Aztlan« track list:
1. Pocho Aztlan
2. No Aceptan Imitaciones
3. Profecia Del Anticristo
4. Angel De La Frontera
5. Plato O Plomo
6. Satongo
7. Isla De La Fantasia
8. Bruja-
9. Mexico Campeon
10. Codigos
11. Debilador
12. California Über Aztlan (DEAD KENNEDYS cover)

»Pocho Aztlan« is the band’s first release since »Brujerizmo« was released in 2000 via Roadrunner. It was recorded over the course of many years and at several studios around the globe. The end result was mixed by Russ Russell (NAPALM DEATH, THE EXPLOITED).

Check out the track video for the song ‘Viva Presidente Trump!‘ here:

BRUJERIA‘s legend has proliferated for nearly three decades. When the band first emerged from the sunbaked hellscape of Los Angeles in 1989, the city was on the brink of chaos. Daryl Gates ruled the LAPD with an iron fist, overseeing a legion of blue-suited stormtroopers who cracked brown and black skulls at every opportunity. Rodney King, the ’92 riots, and CA governor Pete “Pito” Wilson‘s anti-immigrant Prop 187 were all on the bleak horizon. The Mexican-American agitators of BRUJERIA captured the mood of the city’s minorities with the band’s infamous and widely banned 1993 debut, »Matando Güeros« (“Killing White People”), quickly becoming the Spanish-language counterparts to early grindcore masters TERRORIZER and NAPALM DEATH. Led by lyricist and mastermind Juan Brujo, BRUJERIA were alternately rumored to be satanic drug lords and members of well-established metal bands. The truth, as always, lays somewhere in between.

Fast forward to right about now: »Pocho Aztlan« is BRUJERIA‘s first new album in 16 years. The title translates to “Wasted Promised Land,” a combination of Aztlán, the fabled ancestral home of the Aztecs, and the term pocho, which native Mexicans use to refer – not always kindly – to their counterparts born in the States. Brujo himself is pocho, a man caught between two worlds. Many pochos are not exactly accepted with open arms in Mexico. Meanwhile, they’re too often regarded as second-class citizens in their adopted US home. Brujo has transcended both scenarios through the power of BRUJERIA‘s uncompromising grindcore and death metal. His all-Spanish lyrics are as vivid as they are effective: Bona fide tales from the frontlines of the drug war, the racial divide, and the battle for the border. “A lot of BRUJERIA songs are true stories,” Brujo says. “And if they haven’t happened yet, they will happen.”

Juan Brujo (John Lepe) | vocals
Fantasma (Pat Hoed) | vocals, bass
El Cynico (Jeffrey Walker) | bass, guitars, vocals
Hongo (Shane Embury) | guitars, drum programming
Hongo Jr. (Nick Barker) | drums auxiliary
Pinche Peach | vocals, samples
Pititis (Gaby Dominguez) | female vocals, backing vocals, guitars
A Kuerno (Chris Paccou) | guitars

Visionary Swedish metallers SOILWORK have released the second “Inside »Death Resonance«” video trailer in which singer Björn “Speed” Strid talks about the band’s upcoming special collection of rarities, »Death Resonance« (out August 19, 2016 via Nuclear Blast).

Surf to:

Watch part 1 here:

Watch the official visualizer for ‘These Absent Eyes’ here:

The song was originally released on the Japan-only EP »Beyond The Infinite« which featured more songs from the recordings sessions for the band’s globally praised double album »The Living Infinite«.

Commented singer Björn “Speed” Strid: “»Beyond The Infinite« consists of some special, quite experimental songs. They might have been cut out from the original album but have a unique charm to them. It wasn’t easy to pick the final track list for »The Living Infinite«. It was never obvious which songs wouldn’t make it. The writing and recording was highly experimental and playful in general, and it was through this album that we rediscovered ourselves as songwriters, with a new and improved line-up which brought – and will bring – so many interesting things to the table. Originally only released in Japan, it is with great pleasure that we finally share those special songs with you all. Enjoy!”

Watch the lyric video for ‘Helsinki’, created by well known videographer Tommy Antonini (, at this location:

Commented guitar player David Andersson: “Death. It’s a word that might be used too often, but it can still be interpreted in a myriad different ways. It’s not just the soma being deprived of its lifeforce; it’s also the end of infinity, the birth of new possibilities and the acceptance of inevitable change. This song was written soon after the recording of our live album in Finland, making new friends and making sure that the old ones stay with us forever, despite the fact that everything is finite.”

San Diego, California-based metal outfit CARNIFEX have released the official music video for the title track of their forthcoming album »Slow Death«.

Watch it now here:

Watch the lyric video ‘Six Feet Closer To Hell’ here:

 Also watch the first single ‘Drown Me In Blood’ here:

 The songs come off the band’s forthcoming record, »Slow Death«, which will be released on August 5, 2016.

Preorder »Slow Death« here:

The record was produced and recorded by CARNIFEX and Mick Kenney (ANAAL NATHRAKHBLEEDING THROUGH), and co-produced by Jason Suecof (DEATH ANGEL, CHELSEA GRIN, JOB FOR A COWBOY). »Slow Death« was mixed by Mark Lewis (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDERWHITECHAPELDEVILDRIVERDEICIDE) at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida. Cover art for the album was created by renowned artist and longtime collaborator, Godmachine.

Check out a quick teaser of music and the album artwork here.

Album number six, over 10 years as a band and we have more fire and passion than ever,“comments vocalist Scott Ian Lewis. “This album will reshape our genre and be looked back on as an album that started a new movement for aggressive, dark metal. We’re going to show those who love us and those who hate us just how far reaching our ambition is.

»Slow Death« track list:
01. Dark Heart Ceremony
02. Slow Death
03. Drown Me In Blood
04. Pale Ghost
05. Black Candles Burning
06. Six Feet Closer To Hell
07. Necrotoxic
08. Life Fades To A Funeral
09. Countess Of The Crescent Moon
10. Servants To The Horde

HATEBREED are pleased to announce the music video for the song ‘Something’s Off’, which comes from their recent ARIA charting release »The Concrete Confessional«. Check out the clip directed by David Broadsky

As one reviewer of HATEBREED‘s just-released »The Concrete Confessional« put it, “HATEBREED packs so much into the thirteen tracks on »TCC«. Nothing is wasted. HATEBRRED still brings the thunder.”

MINISTRY mainman Al Jourgensen’s new project, SURGICAL METH MACHINE, recently released their debut album via Nuclear Blast Records. The band has released a lyric video for their rendition of the DEVO classic “Gates Of Steel” here:

The band has also released a lyric video for the song ‘Rich People Problems’, at this location:

SURGICAL METH MACHINE was recorded primarily at Jourgensen‘s home studio in Burbank, California with his longtime engineer Sam D’Ambruoso.

In an October 2015 interview with In The Loop magazine, Jourgensen stated about how the idea for SURGICAL METH MACHINE came about: “You know, [guitarist] Mikey [Scaccia] died a couple of years ago, from MINISTRY, and I just figured, like, nah, it’s time to quit. I don’t want to have John Bonham’s kid playing drums for us and having replacement parts forever; that’s just not my scene. So I just figured, ‘All right, let’s stop this. Let’s do some other stuff.’ And not only that. I found that it was really unburdensome to not have the MINISTRY moniker or expectations and just do something like whatever the fuck we want. I mean, the band’s name is SURGICAL METH MACHINE. It’s not like we’re gonna be on Top 40 radio and on ‘The Voice’ and ‘American Idol’. [Laughs]”

He continued: “I understand it’s not a real commercial project for us, it’s not gonna put bank in my wallet, but it was a lot of fun to do, in that sense — of just not having the constraints of the expectations of what you’ve done for twenty years. So this is… It’s kind of new stuff. It’s pretty cool. It sounds like kind of MINISTRY, but it’s a different level. It’s like I literally just put my foot on the gas pedal for this record.”
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– John Howarth

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