Steel Panther – Gig Review and Photo Gallery 23rd June @ Metropolis, Perth WA

Metropolis, Perth WA
June 23rd, 2016
Support – Black Stone Cherry

“Profanity, political incorrectness, questionable fashion sense, riff rip offs – it’s open slather when Steel Panther come to town and the band and its legion of fans (‘fanthers’) would have it no other way. Perth’s Metros City welcomed back Steel Panther like an old friend on this Thursday night.

I wrote that review intro 3 years ago for another website when Steel Panther last played Perth. Nothing has changed, and I mean nothing. In fact even the set list was strangely familiar bar ‘Ten Strikes You’re Out’ from 2014’s All You Can Eat. Whilst the scene, the songs and the crowd remained familiar, there is nothing, ‘not’ spontaneous about a Steel Panther show, and therein lies the charm. Is there anything more ‘metal’ than a Steel Panther show? Well, having witnessed Iron Maiden last month, there probably is, but for frivolity, laugh out loud banter and crowd participation and did I mention, boobs? … they are without doubt one of the ‘not to be missed’ tours when the Panthers roll into town. Of course,  being a guy or even a girl for those inclined, boobs on stage are also a tick in the box, so to speak, for this reviewer.

Before the skittish behaviour of Michael Starr and co, however, the crowd were treated to a straight up southern hard rock/metal amalgamation, Black Stone Cherry, straight out of Kentucky. Their new album, coincidentally named, Kentucky, is a straight out banger. The band is probably one of those that get lost in the gluttony of great hard rock bands around the world down here in Australia, hopefully with this tour, and fingers crossed , more to follow, that will change. Perfect, served with a bourbon and coke, the band blazed through a few BSC classics and new cuts before concluding with perhaps the band’s most well-known track, ‘Lonely Train’ from their debut self titled album from 2006. Riffs galore, capping the night off with a cover of Motörhead’s ‘Ace of Spades’, albeit with a more southern twang.

Black Stone Cherry-2

                                                                     Black Stone Cherry @ Metros Perth, WA Photo courtesy Den Rad

Enter the Steel.

Steel Panther hit the stage to racous applause and as Michael Starr, the charismatic David Lee-Roth wannabe jumps into position, the packed Metro City throng surge forward as ‘Eyes of a Panther’ kick starts the show. Lead guitarist, Satchel, with ripped shirt, chest exposed, Lexxi Foxx with botox lips and his mix between Ken and Barbie rock shtick, drummer Stix Zadinia pounding away with bulging tattooed biceps and ’80s bandanna. You know the drill.

The first three tracks are played with power and ferocity igniting the crowd. ‘Tomorrow Night’ evokes the night’s first of many sing-a-long’s before Starr dives into ‘Fat Girl’ taunting the crowd with his tight leopard print pants that are displaying his appendage a little too much for this reviewers eyes but needless to say, the girls at front of stage appear happy, getting more than just a rock show tonight. After the extended glam metal styled parody ending to the track the banter introductions begin. Starr and Satchel trade comic insults at themselves and the crowd before admiring all the women in the crowd. If you’re a female and didn’t know the band before you stepped into the venue last night, I feel for you. Nothing is sacrosanct on the sexual front but obviously to be taken with a grain of salt. These guys are the kings of metal comedy. It’s Spinal Tap meets caucasian cocained up Eddie Murphy and it is very funny.

After introducing all the band members Steel Panther hop back into the music, starting with ‘Just Like Tiger Woods’ before a more metal faster paced, ‘Let Me Cum In’ creates more movement in the crowd. ‘Asian Hooker’ has two members of the audience hit the stage, gyrating along with Starr whose hips belie his age. Following the mostly crowd driven, ‘Gold Digging Whore’, it’s Satchel’s turn for the limelight. His guitar solo meanders through some licks and wah-wah pedalling before he emulates his solo of 2013’s show as he walks behind Stix’s drum kit to waltz through an array of rock-metal riffs as his foot plays the beat with the bass drum. Multi tasking at its best, all the while making eye contact with the ladies at the front before tearing into the Australian National anthem to evoke some drunken patriotism amongst the punters who simultaneously burst into the words…..well, most of the words.

The acoustic part of the set has a small delay due to an issue with the feed to Satchel’s acoustic guitar but that just allows time for more comical banter, allowing each member, even the quietly spoken Stix, to break into an ad-lib song verse. Of course all relate to some sort of sexual adventure but all hilarious, even though the rhymes are very ‘Dr Suess-like and juvenile. Nobody cares. The crowd hang off every word.

From there, things get a little more out of control. We all know Steel Panther invites ladies onto the stage to gyrate and occasionally flash boobs when ’17 Girls in a Row’ gets played, but the Perth ladies were ready. About 30 girls hit the stage as if some pre-arranged dawn search warrant was being carried out by tactical forces. Some more endowed than others, though all up for some crazy dance moves and a vast majority of them up for some ‘bordering’ lewd acts both with each other and members of the band. So much so, that a few had to be escorted away. “Yep,  you gotta love a Steel Panther show”, says one punter alongside me as Starr continues to try get the majority of his lyrics out during the song, at one point just abandoning the vocals and laughing as girls hit him from every side with their nipples slapping his face as much as Lexxi is his bass at side of stage.

The band conclude the night following the obligatory encore with a rousing renditiion of ‘Community Property’, the Perth throng pretty much singing the first two verses much to the delight of Starr. ‘Party All Day’ finishes the carnival of metal. If there is a band that puts a bigger smile on your face more than Steel Panther do when they play your town then please let me know.

Eyes of a Panther
Tomorrow Night
Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)
Just Like Tiger Woods
Let Me Cum In
Asian Hooker
Gold Digging Whore
Guitar Solo
Ten Strikes You’re Out
Girl From Oklahoma
17 Girls in a Row
Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin’
Death to All but Metal


Community Property
Party All Day

Photos courtesy of Denis Radacic

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Photos courtesy of Denis Radacic

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