Melbourne Hardcore legends Incentives are today dropping their video for huge new track ‘Better Off’ at Youtube Channel It Djents and rolling out their EP ‘DUSK’, which will be available on June 30 everywhere online. Add to that a completely All Ages tour alongside some of Australia’s sickest up and coming hardcore crews and Incentives are straight killing it.

The filmclip shoot was a hairy one for the Incentives crew, who had a brush with the law to ensure it got done.

“We were in this pine forest, in the middle of the night and it was fenced off (private property) as it was connected to a reservoir. We’d gotten half way through shooting, so all the narrative stuff was done but no live shots. We were about to set up for live shots when we saw the police lights in the distance. They came over and told us they’d received some calls and that we needed to move along. The police had to walk through all the Blair Witch kind of stuff we had set up along the path, which would have been good fun for them. No one was arrested (unfortunately) but they took all our details. So then obviously we couldn’t go back there. A couple of nights later we had one free night to do everything and started shooting at about 2am!”

The dark and atmospheric video was produced/directed/edited by our guitarist Max Hopkins (Cascader Film) with some help from his friend Bryce Poodlevan (‘We Made That’ Films).

The band will release their EP ‘DUSK‘ on June 30 to a waiting and rabid fanbase and then hit the road in July and August alongside mates Coves and Diamond Construct.

Incentives reached out to a couple of good mates for guest vocals on the record, recruiting Max Chapman of Imprisoned on “Corrode” and Tory Robertson of Harbours on “Dusk”.

The tracks were recorded and mixed by their good friend Sam Bassal at Dead End Media and the artwork for the single and the forthcoming EP was imagined into life by their vocalist Kyle Adams.

Formed in 2013, Incentives have since released four tracks including their most recent 2015 single ‘Self-Decay’. All of these releases have led them to performing alongside well known local bands such as Ocean Grove, Void of Vision and Belle Haven as well as touring New Zealand in 2015 with Depths and Hand of Mercy.

For more information about Incentives or the track and upcoming EP ‘DUSK’, go to

**all details from official press release**


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