Big Country – Gig Review 18th June @ Rosemount Hotel, WA

Rosemount Hotel, WA
June 18th, 2016
Supports The City Views


In just a few months it’s the 15th anniversary of the sad death of Stuart Adamson, former frontman for 80’s New Wave Alternate Rock band – Big Country. This is the first time ever that Perth has seen them live in any incarnation – Saturday 18th June at The Rosemount.  This line up starts with Mark Brzezicki their original drummer, and Bruce Watson the original guitarist the band now has the addition of Jamie Watson (Bruce’s son) on guitars, Simon Hough on guitar/vocals and Scott Whitley on bass.

The City Views from Perth were the support band, warming up the crowd as they filled this great Perth Venue.

Big Country came on stage just after 10 and played for well over an hour to a close to capacity audience. They started as they meant to go own rocking with energy & enthusiasm, momentum that did not let up for their whole show.

13461259_10209879237566273_258220894_oAudience participation was at it greatest, all the bodies moving, dancing hard and singing along. Of course they have mastered their sound on stage – they have had years of practice. The set list selection had something for everyone from their back catalogue. This has been a busy tour doing 7 shows in 8 nights, the first 2 in New Zealand and the rest here in Australia. That was the last show of the tour they were flying back to the UK a few hours later and getting a 2 week breather before hitting the road again over there.

Simon confessed that that many shows with that amount of energy can take its toll, mentioning the importance of sleep and sobriety to keep his voice strong. These guys can still party like the best of them but they take this role and their performance seriously & professionally I couldn’t help but be impressed by their personal stories about previous work in the music industry with some of the biggest names in the business. In a brief chat with Mark after the show I can confirm that the band intends keep touring and writing new material for the foreseeable. After the success of this tour they are hoping to come back to Australia soon and judging from their following, they should.
Set list – 

Harvest Home
Look Away
Where The Rose Is Sown
Just A Shadow
King of Emotion
Remembrance Day
In a Big Country
Fields Of Fire

Encore :


Throw back to the beginning – click to hear Big Country ‘In a Big Country!-


– by Melanie Scrafton
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Manager of This Other Eden (Perth WA)
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Photo Gallery courtesy of Nancy Mendes