Luke Holmes – Ocean Grove (Audio Interview)

Our homegrown Aussie band Ocean Grove are simply blowing up, having been recently signed to UNFD/Rise Records after the success of their EP ‘Black Label’.  The Melbournians are close to releasing a full-length album, and have already released new single ‘Lights On Kind of Lover’ which has had hugely positive feedback.

The band is about to head on tour as soon as this week with some of the big boys in Australian heavy music for the Equinox tour, joining In Hearts WakeNorthlane and Hands Like Houses, you can read about it here. To say front man Luke Holmes is an understatement. The singer has seen some of these bands get taken on tour by metal monsters like Parkway Drive and appreciates them returning the favour so generously.

Of course Holmes has been keeping the label signing under wraps and so the excitement has settled with excitement for the next chapter already underway. The vocalist really values the signing though and particularly believes that UNFD are artist-oriented and are dedicated to doing exactly what’s best for the band.

Take a listen below to what Ocean Grove had to say about all the exciting growth they’ve been experiencing and what to expect from their upcoming Aussie tour.

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