Prophets of Rage – Killing in the name of?

“Social media is not enough, it’s always the strength of music”! – Chuck D (Public Enemy)

por1If you’ve been hiding under a rock and missed the news, Rage Against the Machine are back!…well kinda. The band is called, Prophets of Rage and come with the blessing of RATM front man, Zach De La Rocha who will play no part in the new band. The band consists of RATM guitarist Tom Morello, drummer Brad Wilk and bassist Tim Commerford, and complimented by iconic rappers Chuck D. of Public Enemy and B-Real of Cypress Hill who handle vocal duties, while Public Enemy’s DJ Lord is also adding his skills on the turntables as well.

The band have already played a show, slaying an an energetic crowd at L.A’s Whiskey A Go-Go. Check out the setlist,
Set List:

“Prophets of Rage” (Public Enemy)
“Guerilla Radio” (Rage Against the Machine)
“Bombtrack” (RATM)
“Miuzi Weighs a Ton” (PE)
“People of the Sun” (RATM)
“Take the Power Back” (RATM)
“Rock Superstar” (Cypress Hill)
“Testify” (RATM)

Public Enemy/Cypress Hill medley:
“Shoot Em Up”
“Can’t Trust It”
“Insane in the Membrane”
“Bring the Noise”
“I Ain’t Going Out Like That”
“Welcome to the Terrordome”

“Sleep Now in the Fire” (RATM)
“Shut Them Down” (Prophets of Rage)
“Know Your Enemy” (RATM)
“The Party’s Over” (Prophets of Rage)
“No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn”/”Fight the Power” (Beastie Boys/Public Enemy)
“Bulls on Parade” (RATM)
“Killing in the Name” (RATM)

Meanwhile, Tom Morello adds that at least one new track has come out of the band, as a song called “The Party Is Over”. Stay tuned for more from Prophets of Rage. It may not be Rage Against the Machine we all wanted but it could be an amalgamation of super powers that creates some magic in the meantime.

Check out the band’s video below, detailing what the band are all about….


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