Basement – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 24th May @ The Triffid, Brisbane

Stepping into the Triffid tonight I couldn’t help but notice the horrible Tame Impala being backed by Jack White music being regurgitated over the speakers. I sat for a moment and prayed that none of the bands tonight sounded remotely like that nightmare.

Unfortunately I missed Arrivals (sorry guys) but due to some divine will of some divine unicorn. Probably. I also missed Break Even as they had to pull out due to “unforeseen circumstances” but Brisbane locals Columbus were a more than adequate replacement for the band. Stepping out onto the stage – the band look as if they only just left high school. But their small number of years does not diminish their capacity to evoke an emotional resonance throughout the crowd. Alex Moses though fresh-faced has crafted songs full of emotional sincerity as his vocal bellow booms around the room, the rest of the band match his intensity with their own and have a small group of devoted fans singing along to their music. Things reach a pinnacle when Moses breaks a guitar string only to pick up the next guitar like nothing had happened. Professional, musical proficient and packing songs with a real emotional punch; the skies the limit for this young band.

Whilst Columbus wrap their emotional music up with a hard punk aesthetic. International guests Turnover are the complete opposite of this – instead preferring to play music that evokes the more tender moments of My Bloody Valentine with a more indie rock slant. Coming out and wearing a large number of questionable shoes (Honestly; sandals?) lead singer Austin Getz cuts an ethereal presence tonight as he launches into a set mostly comprised of the tender sounds of their great album Peripheral Visions. Starting things off with the amazing ‘New Scream’ they craft a set full of tender emotion set leaving many unable to do anything but stare as the sounds emanating from the speakers wash over them. This isn’t enough for some of the fans however, as a select few dance about in an almost trance-like state with their pace increasing with each new song – culminating with the bands closer ‘Cutting My Fingers Off’ which leaves everyone primed for the headliners tonight.

Two years since their last visit and coming off the back of their new album Promise Everything – Basement are met with an overwhelming rapture as they launch straight into their first song. Playing a set largely comprised of both newer and older songs. The set sees the crowd erupt into a sea of moshing bodies, dancing and flying limbs as front-man Andrew Fisher channels Peter Garrett’s undead corpse and flails about the stage. Songs such as ‘Bad Apple’ and ‘Promise Everything’ are met with a religious furore which sees the fans singing eagerly above the sound emanating from the speakers – Guitarists Ronan Crix and Alex Henery both helping by adding their own sense of emotional panache with tight guitar work, which is helped further by a well-balanced mix.

Ending the set tonight with arguably their biggest hit ‘Covet’ turns the place into complete pandemonium as crowd surfers and flying limbs abound and leave the ground shaking beneath my feet as almost every person moves along with Fisher’s questionable dancing routine. Leaving the stage with a wave and a softly spoken goodbye; the band don’t play any encore. There’s no need – they already wrecked the place.

Review by Kayden Howison.

Pictures by Mitchell Chamberlain

Please do not use photos without permission