The Best ‘FREE’ music you can find via Bandcamp

Let’s face it everyone loves something for free and whilst the streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify will continue to increase in popularity once internet providers realise that consumers should have unlimited access to streams whenever they like and as much as they like, it is always nice to have that downloaded or physical copy of an album to play in the car or when you are on the move. So, I’ve scoured the music site, Bandcamp and come up with 15 artists in a wide range of genres from punk to rock to metal that have made one or a few albums available for free download via Bandcamp. Yep, free…nada….not a cent.

Some bands are still around and have just thrown these albums out for download in the hope it may lead to more exposure. Some are no longer around and have made available for sheer enjoyment. Either way- THANK YOU – to these bands, have a listen and download away…legally. If you like….dive into the artist further, and pay a few bucks for their other albums!

Just click on the band and title to be taken to the download via Bandcamp.

…in no particular order

iNfEcTeD – Crawlspace
infectedA thoughtful and innovative Australian extreme metal band with death, doom, grind and industrial aspects. Originally active from 1992-1996, they released two albums and supported many tours including Carcass, Napalm Death, Fear Factory, Pungent Stench and Boltthrower. They reformed in 2003 for a new EP and again in 2008 for a remastered re-issue of their classic debut album ‘crawlspace’.

Death Ape Disco – Super Volcano
deah apeSince 2011, somewhere in the bowels of Brighton, UK, the unsigned southern rock outfit Death Ape Disco have been plying their trade. 2013 hails the band’s debut release, the seven track slab of rock Supervolcano. Comparisons to other genre mainstays like Clutch, Alice In Chains, Down and Corrosion Of Conformity will undoubtedly mentioned, all hefty comparisons indeed, but one listen to this five piece and it’s clear the promise is matched.

Allfather – No Gods. No Masters EP
allfatherFrom humble beginnings, Allfather have honed their line-up into a hard-hitting five piece, channelling heavyweight songcraft through a classic dual guitar assault. Allfather’s members come from a variety of musical backgrounds and draw on a range of influences, but the band’s sound coalesces around riff-driven metal, with the likes of Down, High On Fire, Nails, Black Breath, Iron Monkey and Electric Wizard forming musical touchstones. Hail from Rochester, U.K.

Chainsaw Hookers – First Blood EP
ch 1stFrom Perth, Western Australia Chainsaw Hookers are known for relentless hook laden Hard Punk Rock with Horror inspired themes. The ‘Hookers are currently on an hiatus. Return date – not known.

Leeches – Blurred Visions
leechesShort. Fast. Chaotic. Punk. This is a fairly accurate summation of LEECHES!, from Perth, Australia. They’ve influences from the golden era of 80’s skate punk, with a nod to the world of fast, maximum rock ‘n’ roll. Imagine if someone greeted you with a handshake, yelled at your face for 45 seconds, gave you a hug, screamed a little more, then gave you a little nod and a grin and casually moved on.

In Death – In Death
in deathBrisbane 5 piece metal outfit “In Death…” are an eclectic mix of styles and training and as such, fall into no sub-genre in today’s metal market. Fans of metal or not, all are blown away by each unforgettable groove laden, bass filled wave and augmented nastiness courtesy of face melting twin guitar attack and a vocal style that can only be described as “a berating”.

Non Intentional Lifeform – Uisce
In 1995 former Rothgar member’s Andrew Day, Adam Pedretti and Hywel Stoakes’ new band Leaf supported Declan Barry’s Botticelli’s Angel in Perth and the proposition was put forward by Declan to Andrew about starting a new side project together. This side project took on a sound and personality all of its own and very quickly took over as a priority. This new project went by the name of Non-Intentional Lifeform (N.I.L.- a name suggested to Declan by friend and author Trisha Warden who was at the time published by Henry Rollin’s label) …Gone were the sounds of both prior bands and a unique, blistering, drilling, intense, emotional rollercoaster by the name of N.I.L was born. At breakneck speed the band developed, and they became the first Australian signing to Roadrunner Records in 1996 resulting in a relocation mid-year to the amazing live scene in Melbourne.

Backyard Surgeons – Destined for Descent
backyFormed in 2007. 5 friends from the suburbs, who have been lucky enough to have shared the stage with: NOFX, BAD RELIGION, STRUNG OUT, NO USE FOR A NAME, FRENZAL RHOMB. From Melbourne. If you like any of the punk bands mentioned – you get the drift!

Clowns/Michael Crafter SPLIT – Powders 7″
clowns powdersMelbourne’s four piece hardcore punk outfit, Clowns capture the essence of Melbourne punk and smash it straight into the face of those privileged enough to hear it. Dirtier, grungier yet still containing all that manic hardcore punk that these guys thrive on.
Michael Crafter is not Confession Part II. This is powerviolence. Like a baseball bat to the back of head.

Dawn of Leviathan – Emergence EP
dolProgressive tech-death metal with influences from After The Burial, All Shall Perish, Born of Osiris, Gru, Whitechapel and general tasty brutality. This quintet is out of Perth and the EP released in December of last year.

Iron Reagan – Spoiled Identity EP
iron reagainIRON REAGAN are no strangers to the art of crossover. Between them they fill, or have filled the ranks of Municipal Waste,Cannabis Corpse and Darkest Hour alike. Now, with their recent signing to metal powerhouse Relapse Records, the hardcore thrash quintet are ready to take their bruising antics to the next level.

LO! – The Tongueless EP
lo!Lo! are a heavy quartet from Sydney for fans of Breach, Old Man Gloom, Converge, etc. A new singer on board for 2015, Sam Dillon saw the band release a 4 track EP, The Tongueless . It features the track, ‘Orca’ which ended up winning several awards for best music video of 2015. If you haven’t heard these guys before, we suggest you lend your ears!

Recoil VOR – Sleep for the Masses
recoilSydney-siders, Recoil VOR released Sleep For The Masses in 2013. Recoil VOR have polished and refined their sound. Expanding their approach into more progressive areas and including more personal influences whilst retaining their heavy foundation. The result is a modern attack on metal that will have you musing on the albums concepts while having no shortage of riffs and groove to satisfy your base primal drive.

Scalphunter – Double A Side Single
SCALPHUNTER formed in mid 2009, sharing a lust for hard, fast, ear shattering rock and roll. Speedrock meets hardcore with a decent helping of punk rock best describes their sound. SCALPHUNTER pride themselves on playing the loudest and fastest rock and roll shows in Perth, and with all the members well experienced within the local punk rock scene they never fail to deliver.  This two track launch will have you hooked.

Silver Foxes – The Lost Cosmonauts
In 1972, a crack Special Forces unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they did not commit. These people quickly escaped from the maximum security of the Gulag in the Moscow metro. Today, still wanted by the CCCP, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them – maybe you can hire a silver-black foxes. In the meantime for a dose of pop punk fun, try out Silver Foxes from Perth.

Cheers \w/

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