Eluveitie – Gig Review 17th May @ Capitol, Perth

Capitol, Perth
May 17th, 2016
Supported by Wrath of Fenrir

We all have busy lives, but sometimes it’s imperative to take a moment to step into the fantastical world of live music, particularly heavy metal, and in this case, Swiss Folk Metal.

Eluveitie commenced their Australian tour in Perth, showcasing two hours’ worth of material from their back catalogue. The Capitol venue was flooded with fans as doors opened, just in time for one of the most entertaining support acts I’ve ever seen; Wrath of Fenrir.

The Perth entertainers got on stage to perform a suite of medieval tracks with an ultimate focus on the show, even more so than their music. All face-painted with Nordic influence, the musicians played their battle metal tied to chains and wearing fur garments; again, one the most metal presence I have seen in quite some time. The front man entertained the crowd with perpetual energy and brought punters into stage one of the evening’s escape and fantasy, which would later be carried on by the headliners – therefore confirming how fitting they were as a support band.

13235023_10156961818240451_1501358295_oWithout further ado, the eight-piece (yeah that’s right) band came on stage with their harmonious instruments polished, warmed up and ready to go. Chrigel Glanzmann and co. came on stage to a huge reception from Perth fans, sporting their merch with pride. This was of course a very special gig, as the Australian tour is the last with three band members who will be leaving the band afterwards.

Opening up with monstrous track ‘King’, punters got to experience the live enchantment where heavy metal meets Nordic folk. The genre is such an incredible eclectic combination that induces so much positive emotion and atmosphere.

Through the sound of whistles, harps and even violins, the band ventured through their ten-plus years of music, taking fans on a long-awaited journey through the most unique genre ever. Giving Perth her final experience with the band, hurdy-gurdy player and vocalist Anna Murphy induced chilling verses to the crowd behind violins and blistering drums.13262294_10156961818565451_1177297903_o

It’s easy to say after reading the recent news around the band’s restructure, but the band did seem rather distant and disconnected on stage – yet their focus on the music and their roles were not at all impacted; in fact driven by contagious and utter passion.

From acoustic wonder, to Scandinavian-influenced death metal, Eluveitie delivered an immensely impressive show, with an astounding 23-track set. For those yet to see the gig around the country, be ready for the allure that ensues with this beautiful and distinctive outfit.

Slanias Song
The Call of the Mountains
From Darkness
Carry the Torch
Kingdom Come Undone
Scorched Earth
The Cauldron of Renascence
A Rose for Epona (Acoustic Version)
The Siege
Inis Mona

Eluveitie A3 tour poster


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