Asking Alexandria – Gig Review 13th April @ Astor Theatre, Perth

Asking Alexandria
Astor Theatre, Perth
April 13th, 2016
Supported by Blessthefall & Buried in Verona

The demise of Soundwave has certainly led to an outpour of high quality tours heading around the country this year, including Perth, and including all-ages venues. The Astor Theatre was stampeded the second doors opened to get a prime spot for Aussie legends Buried in Verona, unfortunately without Richie Newman who left the band some time ago.


Buried in Verona @ Astor Theatre, April 13th

Buried in Verona drummer came on stage to a huge reception from the young punters. The band engaged in a strong stage presence, with the incredible acoustics of the venue doing them wonders. The blokes played a decent half hour of hits from their back catalogue, particularly the heavy and hard-hitting ones like ‘Vultures Above’ and Hangin’ Hoes by Their Toes’. Vocalist Brett Anderson put in a solid vocal effort in front of a really strong vehicle of instrumentation.

Blessthefall didn’t mess around and launched on stage to a packed venue and an immense level of energy. During the forty-minute set, vocalist Beau Bokan flew across the stage, ensuring that each corner of the venue got their money’s worth. The American band’s stage presence and production quality was like no other, with blistering renditions of their hits from albums such as “Hollow Bodies”, “Awakening” and their latest album “To Those Left Behind”. The band created immense euphoria with the constant exchange between Bokan’s well-versed clean vocal effort and the gruff yet incredibly steady roar from the guitarists. The singer had fun on stage, grabbed a girl’s phone and took a selfie for her. He also laughed at the parents sitting on the balcony waiting for their children who were probably there to stop those bloody bricks of death, circles of hell or whatever the kids are calling it these days 😉


Blessthefall @ Astor Theatre, April 13th

It was difficult to top Blessthefall but headliners Asking Alexandria made a huge effort in doing so. When the lights plummeted, tweens went berserk for their favourite Brit metalcore outfit to show themselves proudly. Guitarist Ben Bruce came on last with his right-hand man and new vocalist Denis Stoff. The Ukrainian truly proved himself in Perth, from his piercing inhale screams to his perfectly imitated melodies of Danny Worsnop who he’s succeeded.

Surprisingly Asking Alexandria treated the crowd to quite a few of the ‘glam bangers’ found on ‘From Death to Destiny’ – surprising because the album was a huge determinant to the demise of Worsnop and his departure from the band given the direction he wanted to take it. Punters got moshing and ninja-fighting in no time, regardless of release date. The tracks from the band’s latest masterpiece “The Black” particularly stood out though with “Let it Sleep” tearing the roof off.

The band were hoping to save a live debut of “Here I Am” but couldn’t help themselves and previewed it to Perth which came off incredibly well. The band obviously enjoyed playing it with the smiles on their faces. Bruce engaged with the crowd quite well, as he has somewhat become the face of the band due to the recent-ish drama that occurred.


Asking Alexandria @ Astor Theatre, April 13th

Closing with “The Final Episode” from the band’s debut album, fans knew they were going to walk away satisfied. As the curtain closed (so to speak), the crowd walked out showing their battle-scars blooded-noses and other various injuries they sustained from the multiple walls-of-death that did occur during the night.

Australia needs more of these solid international metalcore lineups, because they are being received very, very well.


I Won’t Give In

Run Free

The Death of Me

Let It Sleep



To The Stage

The Black

Here I Am

Not The American Average

A Prophecy

The Final Episode (Let’s Make The Change)



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