Chronolyth – Atrophy (Album Review)

Chronolyth – Atrophy 

OUT: 29th April, 2016


Hamish McSorley // Vocals
Alex Nisirou // Guitar
Ben Constable // Guitar
Gareth Benham// Bass
Michael Gee // Drums


It’s been three years since Brisbane based quintet, Chronolyth, released their previous album, Sovereigns, but boy oh boy was the wait worth it. Their sophomore album, Atrophy melds the ferocity of their ruffing potential and the soaring melodies of their previous work, with a marked increase in musicianship and groove that leaves you wanting to turn this up to 11 and head bang for the entire album.

The introduction is a slow melodic string and piano track that descends into dark brooding tones before erupting into ‘Facing the Ash’; a monster of a track. Hamish McSorley screaming the title whilst devastating guitars begin their work and the bass of Gareth Benham cultivates a feeling of just being crushed. This is the tone for the whole album; a peppering of melody with heavy helpings of pure metal and groove.

chrono promoThe second half of the album sees the skill and diversity of Alex Nisirou and Ben Constable as tracks like ‘Archangel’ and ‘Live to Destroy’ pummel your ears and lead one to imagine how crazy the mosh pit will be when they are played live. The drumming of Michael Gee also needs to be noted, as his liberal use of toms and cymbals renders every song exceptionally smooth but ferociously fast.

The only real problems with the album is the first half feels very formulaic, not dismissing how enjoyable those songs are,  but the second half, beginning with ‘Demon(Eyes) and the subsequent tracks fulfill all of your Chronolyth needs. Overall, the production is spot on, every lick of the guitar, every pounding riff and every ominous growl crushing in delivery.

This album isn’t going to be breaking down any walls, but it is definitely reinforcing those walls with heavy as fuck metal, showing other bands how to fuse melody and groove together, effortlessly and seamlessly, giving us some brilliantly forged music.

chrono atrop


Facing the Ash
Shadow and Sorrow
March of the Forsaken
Marrow (To the Bone)
Live to Destroy
Unified Hatred

Written by Dylonov Tomasivich

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