Buckcherry – Gig Review 19th March @ Fremantle Metropolis, WA


Fremantle Metropolis, WA
March 19th, 2016
Supports Opia, Legs Electric

Californian rockers, Buckcherry concluded their tour of NZ/Australia tour last Saturday night in Fremantle, Western Australia – the final resting place for legendary Ac/Dc front man, Bon Scott. A fitting finale, for a rollicking tour that despite the band’s ridiculous early start time (8.30pm) from this show, ripped across the nation to rave reviews, with shirtless dancing and riffs upon riffs.

6.30pm is when the Perth’s answer to Cog kicked off the evening with the band, Opia. Having just released their latest album Eon and recently returned from a headline tour of Australia, the band’s sound was the best ever as the audience filtered into the venue. The 3 piece have a new addition with drummer Dian Pattison joining front man and songwriter Michael Bok and bass man Dan Zarb as they collectively pop their Metro Freo cherry at this family friendly time slot.

opaThe 30 minute set was a sample of what these guys are about, a short set list demonstrating their unique prog rock talent and a taster of the new release. Opia are a drum and bass backdrop on the dynamic guitar riffs/effects and vocals of Michael Bok‘s influence and imagination. The lighting at the venue complimented the set with 3 of the singles from the new album highlighting the beginning of an enjoyable night.

Set List

Click on the link for the latest single OPIA – ‘ Still Standing’

Next on stage was Perth’s all girl rock band Legs Electric and as expected the warm up act went above and beyond to heat up the atmosphere. The talented 4 piece make it look easy to power out 30 minutes of one solid rock track after another. The crowd clearly impressed by front woman’s Ama Quinsee massive vocal ability, the riffs are performed by the dynamic Laura McCormack with drum & bass delivered energetically by Soanes sisters Kylie & Abby.legs

Described as ‘Contemporary Heavy Rock’ the girls have cemented their presence within the Perth & National Rock scene with solid hard work and class. By the time their set was over the crowd was inside the club and ready for headliners Buckcherry, every face had a smile – Job well done girls!

Set List
Strange Addiction
Black Magic
Illicit Love
Temporary Road
Wanna Riot
Shine Right Through
She’s Like a Saint
When Buckcherry hit the stage it was an unfortunate beginning. Vocalist, Josh Todd had immediate issue with his microphone volume and the loss of vocal for about 2/3’s of their most treasured track, ‘Lit Up’, a huge disappointment for fans. Fortunately, the technical hitch was just that as ‘Whiskey in the Morning’ made a welcome return to the set list and provided Todd with that momentum to launch into a blazing rendition that immediately had the lacklustre crowd into gyrating rhythm.

‘Bring It On Back’ continued the sway. The first single from last year’s album, Rock and Roll, had guitarist’s Stevie D and Keith Nelson upping the ante, as they plied their trade, feverishly head banging from opposite sides of the stage. Todd’s vocals were crisp and when the moment came for that harsh rock menace, he delivered, such as the cheekily explicit ‘Somebody Fucked With Me’.

buck guitarIt’s fair to say the more laid back feel on the night had kicked in soon afterwards, however, as Buckcherry idled through the middle of a more chilled set, delivering ‘Sorry’, ‘Rescue Me’ and ‘Sunshine’ without much fuss or fanfare. Sure, the shirts were off, which had most of the girls in the crowd impressed but you couldn’t help but think the guys from L.A had left a bit in the tank during this performance.

‘Gluttony’ was a crowd pleaser, the lead single from previous album Confessions having the throng of people at the front of the venue singing and dancing in unison with the charismatic lead singer.buck bass

A bit of banter welcomed ‘Crazy Bitch’, a Buckcherry staple that was dragged out with an elongated bluesy interlude that allowed all members of the band to be introduced including a stellar bass solo by Kelly Lemieux accompanied by drummer Xavier Muriel. Who doesn’t love a bass solo though, right?

A short, clichéd encore ensued before returning with ‘Say Fuck It’, the band’s version of pop band, Icona Pop’s, ‘I Love It’. Personally, I still cringe at this song, but hey, the crowd lapped it up, with most happily dancing as if at a nightclub moreso than a rock show. Concluding in ‘Too Drunk’, with Todd in full improv mode, Buckcherry finished up to riotous applause.

It’s an odd night out when you get to a venue by 8pm and the two support bands are finished , but hey, this is Perth – we’ll take what we can get. Unfortunately, Buckcherry, who despite being professional in their delivery this night, perhaps lacked a little oomph in their performance. Hopefully there’s a next time.

buckcherry aus tour

buck setSETLIST

Lit Up
Whiskey In the Morning
Bring It On Back
Somebody Fucked With Me
Out of Line
Rescue Me
Tight Pants
I Don’t Give a Fuck
Rain’s Falling
Crazy Bitch

Say Fuck It
Too Drunk

Written by James Birkin & Melanie Scrafton
**Mel helped out with some nice words for supports bands due to the early start on this show** (Thanks Mel!!)
mel s

Manager of This Other Eden (Perth WA)

Writer & Presenter for Loud-Stuff 🎶 (UK) & Rock at Night (US) 🎶



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