Bring Me The Horizon and Slayer try to out brutal each other with New Music videos

They both released their brand new albums on September 11 last year and both have been widely received across the globe by fans, so what else besides touring can Bring Me The Horizon and Slayer do to get more people on board with their music? Well you can release a brutally bloody video for starters and that’s exactly what they’ve both done.

We’ll start with Bring Me The Horizon, their new video for the track “Follow You” from new album That’s The Spirit takes a look at an obviously oblivious guy who doesn’t notice the world around him has turned to shit, people are blowing each others fucking heads off (including a dog) and there’s zombies. Not exactly what we thought the guys would have in mind for this track, considering it’s a slow, semi-love ballad. Check it out

As for Slayer, their music video for “You Against You” from album Repentless is less comical and seriously more realistic in this action packed clip about a guy fighting his way out of an ambush using any weapon he can get his hands on, including one scene where he stops a guy from stomping his head in, by shooting him through the foot and into his head. BRUTAL. Check it out

It probably didn’t mean to start out as a competition until we decided to write up about it but after watching both videos, we can’t go past the fact Slayer have out-brutalled Bring Me The Horizon. It’s kinda like watching two action movies, except BMTH‘s is rated M15+ and Slayer have gone for the complete R18+ rating. Congratulations to both bands for showing us they can have a bloody good time.

Until next time, (try not to) bleed the fuck out

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