Sevendust – Gig Review 13th February @ Amplifier Capitol, Perth


Amplifier Capitol, Perth

13 March 2016

It’s been 6 years since Sevendust graced our shores, and by the almost capacity crowd jammed into the Amplifier Bar on an unseasonally hot Sunday night the Atlanta natives have been sorely missed. If the 30+ degrees wasn’t warm enough, locally based opening act Tempest Rising raised the temperature even more, tearing through a tight set of metal.

Judging by the response from the response of the enthusiastic crowd, they’d gone some way to gaining many more fans. At 9:45 Sevendust exploded onto the stage with the killer track, Black and from the first note of that unmistakably dirty bottom end guitar, the boys had the crowd in the palms of their hands. It may be the Kill The Flaw our but the majority of the set came from earlier albums, with Animosty and Seasons featuring heavily.


It felt like a greatest hits tour with crowd favourites Denial, Praise, Til Death and Waffle featuring early in the night. It was classic Sevendust as Morgan Rose’s signature machine gun drum sound drove Vince Hornsby’s rumbling bass joined with the low end, dirty guitar tone of John Connolly and Clint Lowery. Lajon Witherspoon’s soulful voice was in top form, showcasing the beautiful Angel’s Son with the somewhat slower song giving the audience and the band a chance to catch their collective breaths.

The lull didn’t last long before the band fired right into the brutal Pieces with fans joining Witherspoon screaming “I don’t care if you hate me”. More than once during the set, audience participation threatened to almost drown out even Witherpsoon’s powerful voice.


Kill The Flaw finally made an appearance with the Grammy nominated Thank You closing out the high energy set. But the house lights didn’t go up until the encore of Face To Face. Sevendust more than delivered the goods. If the Perth show was a taste of the tour to come, the rest of Australia is in for a treat. If you haven’t already, get to your nearest outlet, put your grubby mitts on a ticket and experience this exceptional live show.

Gareth Williams (@notGareth)



Sevendust Australian Tour Dates

Sun March 13th – Capitol (Perth)
Mon March 14th – The Gov (Adelaide)
Wed March 16th – Coolangatta Hotel (Gold Coast)
Thur March 17th – Eatons Hill (Brisbane)
Fri March 18th – 170 Russell (Melbourne)  – Sold Out
Sat March 19th – Metro (Sydney) – Sold Out

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  1. Hope you all are enjoying our balls to the wall, badass American metal Gods, SEVENDUST!!!! Have a great time Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney!!! You are ALL in for a taste of what true, beautifully talented artistry is all about. Hello from Phoenix Arizona!! Rock on Mates!!!

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