Steel Panther – Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage (Album Review)

STEEL PANTHER – Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage

Michael Starr | vocals
Satchel | lead guitar
Lexxi Foxx | bass
Stix Zadinia | drums, piano, percussion


Three albums in, a host of sons they likely don’t know about and more profanity than Eddie Murphy on Raw, Steel Panther continue to rock out and provide entertainment in its most crass, most juvenile and most metal way. Did the world need an acoustic live album from these guys….probably not, but fuck it, they did it anyway, so let’s peer inside Lexxi’s Garage and see what you can get out of this.

For starters, after a few run throughs of this record, these members, despite all their comic routines and banter are actually incredible musicians. Michael Starr’s vocal range is epic and he would not look out of place fronting Van Halen at this point in their careers, I kid you not. Satchel, the lead guitarist and chief ‘wise cracker’ is as gifted guitarist as any I’ve ever seen, and he stars across this album on his acoustic guitar. Lexxi Foxx on bass and Stixx on drums and piano and percussion and whatever else he could help with during this garage performance are both able to maintain a great backing sound. Hell, there’s even a place for a few orchestral girls to join in on a few tracks.

But what about the music? Well, Steel Panther already had a batch of ballads that have aired across their three albums to date, so the ‘no-brainer’ acoustic songs are there, such as ‘If You Really, Really Love Me’, ‘Weenie Ride’ and as Satchel says in the album, ‘our most popular song we have’, ‘Community Property’. These three tracks work in nicely, all tongue-in-cheek lyrics (probably in more ways than one), and all with that Starr charisma and great melody. On top of that, the band play a brand new track, ‘That’s When You Came In’, a tale of fellatio from someone special after an ‘endless line of 18 year old stripper druggie whores’ were waiting outside Starr’s tour bus door. Ahh yes, those Panthers have a way with words.

There are the classics, ‘Fat Girl’ and ‘Death to All But Metal’, the latter the concluding track and probably the least pleasing acoustic number they could of ended in. Alas, the all-female crowd in the garage (or studio if you watch the video) enjoy it all the same and with encouragement from band members throughout the album advising the audience ‘to get your tits out’, it sounds like a fun time had by all. Endless Spinal Tap moments, but not even those ‘80s legends could fathom the success Steel Panther has had on the back of wigs, some tanning sessions and a bunch of songs about having sex and partying.

The banter between band members is hilarious and if you’ve been to any of their live shows, I’m sure you know the deal; take the piss out of each other on stage, point out the good looking chicks in the crowd and then sing about songs such as ‘Gloryhole’ and ‘Bukake Tears’. Take these guys with a grain of salt, it’s an act, but also an enjoyable one, like seeing a comedian on stage not holding back on any topic but with the added bonus of being a fucking great band to accompany it. Acoustically, it sounds great – probably the album to play with your mates on a Sunday arvo sucking down a few pre-session brewskies. There’s also the whole performance attached to every deluxe album in a DVD including (apparently) footage of the band with Lexxi’s mom and crowd interaction.

Was it required? Fuck no!….but who cares, any Panther is fine by me. I’ll be searching out the DVD copy as soon as I get paid!

Bring on the tour in June 2016!

Tracklisting CD

  1. Show Intro/Say Yeah! (Live Acoustic)
  2. Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World (Live Acoustic)
  3. Fat Girl (Thar She Blows) (Live Acoustic)
  4. If You Really, Really Love Me (Live Acoustic)
  5. Gloryhole (Live Acoustic)
  6. Bukkake Tears (Live Acoustic)
  7. The Burden of Being Wonderful (Live Acoustic)
  8. Weenie Ride (Live Acoustic)
  9. That’s When You Came In (Live Acoustic)
  10. Michael Don’t Know (Live Acoustic)
  11. Community Property (Live Acoustic)
  12. Grindy and Sexy (Live Acoustic)
  13. Death To All But Metal (Live Acoustic)

DVD (not reviewed)

  1. Intro
  2. Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World
  3. Meet Lexxi’s Mom
  4. Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)
  5. Starr’s Scars (Scene 1)
  6. If You Really Really Love Me
  7. Family Bonding (Scene 2)
  8. Turn Out The Lights
  9. Lexxi’s Mom’s Cookies
  10. Gloryhole
  11. #1 Fan (Scene 3)
  12. Bukakke Tears
  13. The Burden of Being Wonderful
  14. Stix Orders Pizza (Scene 4)
  15. Weenie Ride
  16. That’s When You Came In
  17. Lexxi’s Bedroom (Scene 5)
  18. Community Property
  19. Death To All But Metal
  20. Lexxi’s Voice Mail (Scene 6)7.5 Panthers out of 10lexxi banner

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