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Brighton five piece ARCHITECTS will release their hugely anticipated new album All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us on May 27 via UNFD. First single ‘A Match Made In Heaven‘ made its debut last night on BBC Radio 1 Rock ShowAll Our Gods Have Abandoned Us was mixed and mastered by Henrik Udd and produced and engineered by Henrik Udd, Fredrik Nordström and Architects. All programming and electronics by Tom Searle and Dan Searle, and all strings and brass composed by Tom Searle.

In October 2015, the now five members of the Architects – frontman Sam Carter, bassist Ali Dean, guitarists Adam Christianson and Tom Searle, plus the Tom’s twin brother, drummer Dan – boarded a plane bound for Sweden and returned to Studio Fredman in Gothenburg: home to the production team of Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd. This same team who helped realise Architect’s last album, Lost Forever // Lost Together, were enlisted to translate the new tracks penned by principal songwriter Tom Searle into reality. There they would chew over some of the biggest questions facing mankind and, over seven gruelling weeks, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us would take shape.

Musically, All Our Gods… is the work of a special band “leaving everything we had in the studio”, as vocalist Sam Carter explains, his vocal dexterity embodying a record that pairs uncompromising heaviness with a melodic heartbeat in a manner so poorly accomplished by many of their peers. It is the heaviest and darkest work the band have ever put their name to – on and below its surface. It challenges and progresses a genre long thought to have stagnated and embraces its inspirations at a time when many rock and metal bands seek to hide them in search of mainstream acceptance.

It is also borne from considered minds filled not by thoughts of being the biggest band in the world, but of making a difference. Architects are, for that reason, a band like few others; they are five young men who stand for something and who posses an intelligence, awareness and spirit that informs the very fibre of their band. The quintet all practice a vegan lifestyle, tour with a consciousness about their footprint on the world and devote time and energies to environmental causes. Members of the band have protested embassies and assisted in beach clean-up operations. In 2014, vocalist Sam was announced as an ambassador for ocean preservation charity Sea Shepherd, while representatives from the charity regularly join the band on tour to communicate directly with fans at shows.

The worldwide anger and disillusion encapsulated on these 11 tracks wrestles with contemplations of death, god and faith in search of some semblance of hope for a world increasingly consumed by fear, anger and confusion. This album is Architects statement of intent to the world: it is time to stand up, take notice and be counted.


Architects – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us tracklist

1. Nihilist
2. Deathwish
3. Phantom Fear
4. Downfall
5. Gone With The Wind
6. The Empty Hourglass
7. A Match Made In Heaven
8. Gravity
9. All Love Is Lost
10. From The Wilderness
11. Memento Mori

The new album is out May 27 via UNFD.

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