Clutch – Gig Review & Photo Gallery, 3rd March @ Triffid, Brisbane

It’s a daunting experience when you go to a concert where you’re sure that you’re the youngest person there. It’s a mixture of looking into your future and feeling like you’re out of place, like you’re about to watch a band from a bygone era or at least one where someone might break a hip.

Opening tonight where the Comic Psychos; with the guitarist dressed in a wife beater, you couldn’t fault them for their throwback to Australian bogan culture. Armed with songs that sound like a heavier more Australian version of Ramones, these guys play hard and fast. Unfortunately they are unable to combat sound issues as the vocals were often lost in the mix (thank you sound guy). The songs themselves wore thin as they descended into a level of sameness; with the band breaking it up with “jokes” between songs, one of which was about the drummer playing “poofter sticks” which instead of offending me – mostly just made me sad. Ultimately their set falls short for this guy, but I’m doubtful those already devoted will care.

Clutch on the other hand very much prove their relevance in the music landscape of 2016. Riding off the back of the brilliant Psychic Warfare these guys give the crowd exactly what they want tonight. Beginning things with ‘X-Ray Visions’, the band prove why they are often called “the greatest rock and roll band on Earth.”
clutch - jp
Despite The Triffid being hotter than a date with Satan Neil Fallon flails about on stage endlessly throughout their Psychic Warfare heavy set, conducting himself like a man possessed by a priest and the ghost of Midnight Oil’s Peter Garret. Connecting with crowd in various ways, including that time (pretty sure it happened) he winked at me, he makes the crowd feel like he is addressing you individually and by doing so, he has everyone drinking his cool-aid. clutch - sultThe highlights of tonight are numerous, from ‘D.C. Sound Attack’ stating a case for why there’s no such thing as too much cowbell to the funky grooves of ‘A Quick Death in Texas’ making everyone shake their booty like it’s still 1989. Their hour and half set, gives the crowd hit after hit of pure rock and roll adrenaline.

Unfortunately all good times must come to an end and as people scream for an encore, the band oblige. Finishing with fan favourite ‘The Mob Goes Wild’ the band and crowd attempt to bring the house down one more time; with the band leaving us with sore necks, sore hips (nobody broke one thankfully) and the memory of having just seen the most rock and roll gig of 2016.

Don’t miss this.

Written by Kaydan Howison

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Clutch continue onto Melbourne tonight!
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