Is Dave Grohl going Solo? Are the Foo Fighters on Hiatus? The band has finally spoken…

Holy Shit the world went nuts when the Foo Fighters teased they had an Official Band announcement on their Facebook page and everyone started to lose it thinking they were breaking up, going on hiatus and that Dave Grohl was going solo because of all his recent appearances without the rest of the band.


Well the boys have given us all a tongue-in-cheek look at clearing up all those rumours from their own mouths and it’s hilarious. With suggestions Dave is moving into electronic music and he rest of the band are looking for a new front-man with suggestions including Phil CollinsNick Lachey (former 98 Degrees member and Jessica Simpson’s ex) and Justin Bieber, before giving us all the final answer of…


They Are NOT Breaking Up!!

They’re pretty much just trolled the shit out of everyone.

Nice work Fooeys, Nice work.

Browny (@brownypaul)

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