Say Goodbye to Music Channels on Foxtel

Devastating news for music lovers who have Foxtel with reports stating Channel V and MAX will cease to exist as of Friday. The popular music channels which we all grew up with haven’t been rating as much as they used to in recent years and higher ups have decided to give them the flick in what would seem to be a cost cutting exercise.

The former dream team consisting of long haired presenter formerly known as Andrew G (now referred to as Osher Gunsberg) and Yumi Stynes shared their thoughts on twitter:

v gyumi

Andrew G Osher and Yumi were part of the original and arguably the best line up of presenters who reigned supreme back in the 2000’s when Channel V took over from the old music channel Red and featured the likes of younger versions of Chloe Maxwell, James Mathison, Jabba, Maynard and James Kerley and lets face it, those guys got up to some awesome shit that made us all want to work for Channel V at one point in our lives. Who could forget the time Jabba teamed up with Regurgitator to record their album Mish Mash! inside a Bubble at Melbourne’s Federation Square.

v jabba

And lets not forget the times when V played awesome as fuck music on shows like Jabba’s Morning Glory and whatUwant with playlists consisting of Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Foo FightersBlink-182, Sum 41, Marilyn Manson and so much more. We all wished at the time we could have lived in Sydney so we could have been there when Slipknot first came to our shores and got up close and personal with fans at Fox Studios

On the topic of us all wanting to work for Channel V, one lucky fan who got the opportunity to do just that was Danny Clayton who has been on our screens for the better part of the past 13 years. He was one of a handful of successful presenter search winners who remained at the station for longer than a year, mainly because he’s a legend in real life too.

With that much airtime and the amount of bands he’s met over the years we asked him what some of his favourite moments were:

“The Foo Fighters performing at Channel V HQ at Fox Studios then once again on Cockatoo island.

Kissing Katy Perry, haaha

Interviewing David Hasslehoff while naked.” 

“The Big Day Outs… ALL of them” 

“Actually saying the lines “Billy Corgan Smashing Pumpkins… Danny Clayton smiling politely” in REAL life.” 

“Having Florence Welsh of Florence and the Machine wake me up in a hotel bed to let me know that I was suppose to interview her.” 
“Being told to fuck off by the Beastie Boys” 

“Riding motorbikes around Australia with the Big Day Out tour with a bunch of the bands”

The following wasn’t mentioned by Danny, but we couldn’t go past this historical moment from our favourite new age presenter

The things dreams are made of and we have to admit that Danny was one of the best remaining presenters towards the end of the era, he’s still employed by Foxtel with no news yet on what his future holds so “watch this space”. We can’t go any further without mentioning The Used front-man Bert McCracken who joined the network to host their weekly show The Revolution which primarily focused on the heavy rock/hardcore scene in both Australia and the world.

v bert

Sad news as well for viewers of MAX as you probably found yourself switching over due to their great array of music from your youth and beyond, meanwhile V had changed to playing Justin Beiber and 5 Seconds of Summer every 30 minutes.

Long live the memories of one of the best Music Channels pay tv had to offer. We’ll leave you with this moment when Blink-182 judged a LIVE streaking contest

Until next time, rock the fuck out

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