GHOST win the Grammy for Best Metal Performance; Slipknot misses out twice

Swedish band GHOST have beaten the likes of Sevendust, Slipknot, August Burns Red and Lamb of God to take out the Best Metal Performance at The Grammys today. The band won for their song “Cirice” from their latest release “Meliora” which was released back in August 2015. This is the band’s first Grammy award and as expected they took to the stage in their “demonic” attire much to the disgust of viewers who were only there to catch a glimpse of Adele or some shit. I mean seriously, look at the room in their acceptance video below. It’s full of empty seats and barely anyone there. There needs to be more respect for the highly talented musicians in the Metal Category in future years, or fill those empty seats with people in the industry that actually respect the genre.

Furthermore on top their previous loss to GhostSlipknot have also been pipped at the post by UK rockers Muse who’s album “Drone” took out the Best Rock Album award. It seems Slipknot haven’t been able to get their hands on a second shiny gold award (their first was for “Before I Forget” back in 2006) because last year they were beaten by Tenacious D in the Best Metal Performance last year too. In saying that, the D also beat Anthrax, Mastadon and Motorhead as well…


Poor Corey.

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