Jason Cameron – Bury Tomorrow (audio interview)

Having just released their fourth album Earthbound, UK metalcore band Bury Tomorrow took some time to discuss  their new material, particularly the darker and heavier direction they have started to take.

The band have been taking the world by storm and have some immense tours set for 2016; bands including the like of Blessthefall, Killswitch Engage and Atreyu.

If you’re not yet sold in the band, the stats say it all: Bury Tomorrow’s previous record Runes reached number #34 on the UK charts and was #1 on the UK Rock Chart. Let’s see if the band can do it again with Earthbound. Oh and in case that isn’t enough, in 2014 the Brits were nominated for ‘Best British Newcomer’ award at the 2014 Kerrang! Awards.”

Shortly after releasing their title track Earthbound as a bone-crushing single, the Englishmen pushed out even more singles prior to album release including Last Light with a powerful video:

Enjoy the chat below

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