Soilwork – Gig Review 10th February @ Rosemount Hotel, WA

Rosemount Hotel, WA
February 10th, 2015
Supports Nucleust, Aversions Crown

For at least the third time at the Rosemount Hotel in just a handful of years, Soilwork have returned back in Oz and sporting their brand new metal-masterpiece The Ride Majestic. The Swedes were joined by some of Australia’s finest.

Extreme metalers Nucleust were the locals to get the evening started, and boy did they ever. The Perth outfit launched on stage with well-prepared production and no need for warming up. Vocalist Shannon Marston bellowed out a reverberating roar that truly tested the decibel capacity of the venue. A handful of earlycomers stood up front and discovered one of Perth’s most talented band, and next big thing.

Oh but that’s not all, why not bring down the heaviest band in Australia to throw in a cheeky set? Sure thing! Perth were in for a treat with Aversions Crown who are not able to make it down to the west as often as we’d like. Vocalist Mark Poida has certainly perpetuated the legacy that the band’s previous vocalist left after releasing Tyrant. Poida growled his heart out through tracks like ‘The Glass Sentient’ and ‘Hollow Planet’. The deafening drums and piercing riffs led to a surge of punters entering the bar. The Aussies were fresh off an international tour run and demonstrated their calibre of brutality on the opening show of the tour.

Having rounded off their discography so finely with The Ride Majestic, it was time for the Scandinavian metal masters to deliver the perfect mixture. Opening with the new record’s title track, the six-piece band emerged in all of their Nordic glory. Devil horns emerged and beers started to spill by the loyal fan base. When it comes to a gig like Soilwork, it just simply doesn’t contain half-assed fans who were looking to fill-in their Wednesday night; it encompassed a room of die-hard fans in the most isolated city on this planet.

soilwork perthIt didn’t take long for the band to start sweating profusely with excitement, or well, possibly the heatwave of beyond forty degrees that they have probably never experienced in their lives before. Obviously playing bangers from the latest record was nothing the crowd was complaining about, but to launch quickly into classics like ‘Nerve’ was the kryptonite to the folded arms disease. One of the greatest music elements to Soilwork is their transitioning style from harmonious clean vocals to the gruffest of growls; and subsequently the melodic instrumental bridges to the chaotic chain of death metal.

Vocalist Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid engaged constantly with the crowd, reminiscing of the band’s previous experiences in not only Australia, but Perth specifically. The Swedes were so honest and genuine about their enthusiasm and put 120% into each and every chord. From ‘Vesta’ on ‘The Living Infinite’ ‘to ‘Rejection Role’, the Swedes took punters on an enjoyable and cathartic journey.

After an alarmingly long pause before their return to the stage for an encore, Soilwork eventually returned and belted out around half an hour’s worth of incredible material, including ‘Stabbing the Drama’, the interesting choice of ‘Let This River Flow’ and fantastic closer ‘Spectrum of Eternity’. From the fast and heavy tracks to the slow and passionate ones, the circles pits maintained momentum, the drinks were flowing and the crowd was screaming; a beautiful night from Soilwork.

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Review by Ricky Aarons




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