Brand Spankin’ New DZ Deathrays song released

The ARIA award winning DZ Deathrays from Brisbane made a huge impact with their last album “Black Rat” back in 2014 and fans have been eagerly waiting to hear new music from the boys since they entered the studio. Well your prayers have been answered with their new single “Blood On My Leather” finally getting revealed to the world and it sounds just as good as you’d imagine.

They haven’t strayed away from the sound their previous albums had which is perfect for those who were keen to get into a mosh in front of these guys and cause mayhem. I mean that too, if you’ve never seen DZ Deathrays perform Live before, make it your mission do do just that this year, it goes from bearably mild to uncontrollably hectic in a matter of three songs. The amount of injuries sustained at the Caxton Street Festival in Brisbane when they performed last was almost uncountable. But great fun.

Anyways check out the new tune below, which is available on iTunes today!

Until next time, rock the fuck out

Browny (@brownypaul)

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