Top 7 Dreaded Hair Lords/Lordettes in Rock

Australia’s pop punk quintet Tonight Alive are dominating the globe at the moment (in my opinion, they’re doing it much better than 5 Seconds of Summer) and they are showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. When they’re not releasing songs for Blockbuster movies like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 they’e doing it for themselves and this week they put out a new video for the track “How Does It Feel?” which has been taken from their forthcoming album “Limitless“. The video, while fairly simple in theory, showcases the band performing to the camera amongst a circle of lights, not the most original idea but the thing that caught my eye was front-woman Jenna McDougall‘s wild hairstyle.

In what seems like a tribute/dedication to Gwen Stefani in No Doubt‘s “Ex-Girlfreind” video, Jenna looks almost unrecognisable in comparison to previous videos featuring the band. Whether it be sheer coincidence, tribute or even a second coming it got me thinking about some of the best dreaded musicians and their music videos which highlighted their crazy hair so here’s my Top 7 Dreaded Haired Lords/Lordettes in Rock…

#7 – John Butler (John Butler Trio)

There aren’t many Australian musicians who have made it rocking the dreaded look, but the best that comes to mind would have to be John Charles Wiltshire-Butler of the John Butler Trio. A gifted, multi-talented musician who was at his peak when his hair was long and dangling.

#6 – Zack de la Rocha (Rage Against The Machine)

Whats the two best things that go hand in hand with political activism? A heavy band to express your opinions to the right people in style and a sick haircut and the man that does both of these best is Zack from RATM. Although he has tried on his own venture with One Day As A Lion, it was nothing in comparison to when he was rocking his dreads. Could that be the reason why? Probably not, but we love a good speculation!

#5 – Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu (KoЯn)

With a name like Reginald I can only imagine that “Fieldy” would have had to have achieved something big early on in his life for people to not only forget his old school/vintage first name, but to actually show him respect and not want to pay him out every day. And what better way to do that than by playing bass in KoЯn and growing some of the best, mad ad fuck dreadlocks that nu metal fans copied in their youth. Don’t lie, we’ve all seen the photos 😉

#4 – Lajon Witherspoon (Sevendust)

The soulful rocking vocals that come from this man’s mouth are incredible and if you add to the mix his long lengthy locks then you have yourself the makings of a very talented musician capable of slapping at least 20 people in the face (at the same time) whilst head-banging at full force. If you want to witness this first hand, make sure you grab a ticket to see Sevendust when they tour Australia for the first time in 6 years this March.

#3 – Brian Fair (Shadows Fall)

Also on the topic of whipping fans with your hair, there is no one who does it better than Shadows Fall front-man Brian Fair who has infamously become “that guy” during shows. But fans appreciate a swift smack to the face by this dreads which he has been growing for the better part of 26 years. Due to his band’s brutal sound, you can’t help but thrash around as much as possible. I wonder if he’s knocked anyone out yet?!

#2 – Gwen Stefani (No Doubt)

Flashing back 16 years ago to the year 2000 and a long time before she was a hollerback girl, Gwen Stefani was a hot, bangin’ rock chick with bright pink dreadlocked hair singing in No Doubt. The kind of woman young boys used to fantasize over, especially when the video clip for “Ex-Girlfriend” came on the TV. If I said to you I don’t think about her and that look anymore, I’d give yu full permission to call me a stupid fucking liar

…excuse me for 4 mintues.

and the best dreaded lord in the business is

#1 – Max Cavalera

We could sit here all day telling you why this man is the best in the business but it’s not about his musical style, it’s about that gigantic thing on his head that we’re focusing out attention on the most. Holy Shit. As a friend of ours once said: “Imagine sitting next to him on a plane and that thing fell on you, would you tell him to move it?” Of course you wouldn’t, you’d use it as a hardened pillow for the rest of the trip. A few years back it seemed nice and properly maintained, nowadays it’s like all the hair on his head is starting to form one gigantic dreadlock and we have so many questions like How does he sleep? Will he drown if he goes swimming? Has anything come out of it alive? Can he knock someone the fuck out with it? And that last question is the reason we won’t be asking him in the near future.

How’d we go? Anyone missing off the list you think deserved to be in here? Tell us about it.


Tonight Alive kick off their “Limitless” Album Preview Tour this weekend.

Until next time, grow your dreadlocked hair the fuck out

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