Michael Crafter – Confession “The Retirement Interview” (Audio Interview)

When you think about the bands that really helped to kick start and pioneer the hardcore music scene in Australia you can’t go any further than Parkway Drive and I Killed The Prom Queen. From the very early 2000’s these bands started out playing to small crowds across the country and were the inspiration for the plethora of hardcore/heavy metal bands which formed not long after and one of those founding members Michael Crafter, has decided to call it quits and hang up his mosh shorts following a hugely successful career he started 16 years ago.

An Australian icon who has been loved and hated by fans of heavy music across the globe, who was also front-man for such established bands as I Killed The Prom Queen, Carpathian, Bury Your Dead and most recently Confession and who has built up a massive following since dedicating almost all of his time and energy into the industry/scene which helped support his rise to infamy (not to mention his brief stint on Big Brother and his hilariously popular Crafterchef series on Snapchat), it’s no surprise he has become as well known as he is today and it is absolutely devastating he’ll be retiring from fronting bands in the music industry to focus more on being a dad to his almost 4 year old daughter, Kennedy.

But does this mean we’ll never hear his blood curdling screams in any new music in the future? Well the answer to that is, No! On the topic of Crafter featuring on another band’s album as a guest vocalist, he reveals:

“Maybe if Parkway ask me, they’ve never asked me, I don’t know [why] fuckin’ bastards…  And I never wanted to go ‘hey can I sing on a song’ because I’ve never been like that. Maybe if it’s a mate’s band and they’re like ‘hey do you wanna sing on our cd?’, yeah sure I’m right there ready to record.

I’m actually doing a guest vocal part on some new Wish for Wings songs, but I’m not gonna be one of those fuckin’ dudes who are like ‘$1000 and I’ll do a guest spot’. That’s why I always say to mates if they ever want me, I’ll sing. [Wish for] Wings asked me recently and Amity asked me.

When asked if he was the type of musician to go out of his way to burst onto someone’s album he added:

“Na I’m definitely not”.

“I might sing for something, someday. There’s a few ideas we’ve got in the pipeline as far as some benefit shows [go].

But not for Confession, it might be for something else.”


Confession – 10th January @ The Lab, Brisbane

So you just never know where good old “Boxhead Michael” will turn up but for now once Confession’s Final Tour is wrapped up and he’s no longer stressing about bands mates, lost merch and the other drama that follows when you’re in a touring band, he’ll be focusing his time on being a father and attempting to coax Australian DJ Brooke Evers into having dinner with him (check out our failure to make this happen below), but don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll Snapchat the whole experience for our viewing pleasure, until then enjoy the retirement interview with the legendary Michael Crafter and make sure you check out Confession one last time on their national farewell tour.

Rest In Peace Confession

Happy Retirement Crafter

conf tour

Until next time, rock the fuck out

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