Lemmy’s Memorial Service streams Sunday Morning.

2015 ended in such a shit way when Motörhead front-man and rock royalty Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister sadly passed away following a short battle with cancer. Lemmy was a man who inspired a shit-tonne of bands across the globe and implemented himself in the heavy music industry, achieving “God” status from fans and peers alike.

Now so many of us would love to be in LA to help celebrate the life of a man who achieved so much throughout his years but the costs to get over there would be astronomical and the chance of securing a spot at the memorial are about as good as getting Nickelback to retire and never release music again.

So the whole event is set to be streamed online across the world, that way fans can unite, drink and celebrate the life of a true metal icon such as Lemmy. It’ll take place Sunday at 9am (AEDT) as the sun slowly starts to descend in LA so grab your bottle of Jack (who cares how early it is), crank some Motörhead and remember the legend as he is finally laid to rest.

Note: The following venues in Australia will be opening their doors early and streaming the service for fans, but if you can’t make it we’ve got the stream at the bottom of the page \m/


Cherry Bar in Melbourne

rip lemmy

Rest In Peace

Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister

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