Fall Out Boy release N*Sync inspired video for Irresistible

Fall Out Boy have taken an interesting turn for the weird with the release of their new music video for the song “Irresistible” from their latest album “American Beauty/American Psycho“. The song features former Disney pop-princess (and bangin’ babe) Demi Lovato but she’s not the reason for the unnerving feeling filling my body, that award goes to N*Sync.

The video is a remake/continuation/inspiration of the boy band’s 1999 song “It’s Gonna Be May Me” which featured the 5 piece dressed up as toys trying to get the attention of a female shopping in the kids section of a department store.

Now fast forward 17 years and we have Fall Out Boy dressed up and acting in very similar, almost identical circumstances, except the female they’re trying to get the attention of is Demi Lovato who is working in (now for the real werid part) Joey Fatone‘s store. The former boy band member awkwardly caressing his old action figure while throwing Fall Out Boy‘s into the bargain bin doesn’t sit very well with me. And to make matters even more creepier, at the start of the video we also see another former N*Sync member Chris Kirkpatrick at the manufacturing station infatuated with his old action figure. Obviously it’s a tongue-in-cheek tribute to their old video, but it just screams to me hasbeens trying their best to stay relevant in a world where their fellow band mates have let go and moved on, yet they’re refusing to.

Both videos were directed by Wayne Isham who was the man behind such music videos as Mötley Crüe‘s “Girls Girls Girls“, Pantera‘s “5 Minutes Alone“, Metallica‘s “Frantic“, Avenged Sevenfold‘s “Nightmare” and the Backstreet Boys…. yeah, I’m actually being serious here.

What do you reckon, is it a bit of fun or should the two remaining members of N*Sync move on and face the fact they just weren’t as talented as Justin Timberlake or the other two that have done things afterwards?

Until next time, rock the fuck out

Browny (@brownypaul)

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