\m/ Cooking with Metal \m/

This would have to be one of the best stories we’ve come across this year (yes we know it’s early, but its still great), Lindzey Rae from Denver melodic metalcore band The Anchor has decided to show fans how to make the most from cooking in their kitchens by releasing a tutorial video for how to make Shepherds Pie, only instead of the boring step by step procedures we’re used to Jamie Oliver crapping on about, she screams them to perfection making the process not only enjoyable but easy to follow.

While this may seem like a simple novelty gesture from the front-woman it actually has a special cause behind it, the money raised from purchasing the actual song will go towards The Ghost Inside who are all still recovering from their fatal bus accident last year. Cooking fans and/or Heavy Music enthusiasts can “Name Their Price” for the song which can be downloaded from here.

I don’t know about you but I’d probably pay top dollar for a cooking dvd featuring some of the biggest voices in the heavy music industry! Can you imagine Byron Bay Cookies made by Parkway Drive‘s Winston McCall or a Bratwurst Banquet by Rammstein‘s Till Lindemann. The cloests we’ve had to this idea in Australia is Michael Crafter from Confession‘s “Snapchat Crafterchef series” but the possibilities are endless. However if you make this idea happen, be sure to send us a free copy!

Until next time, cook the fuck out of it!

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