We’ve featured a band and/or Wall of Sound writer every day since December 1, reeling off his or her best albums, songs, videos, shows etc. Some have been bizarre (to say the least), some more mainstream, some surprising, either way, it’s been a great insight from within the music industry on who they think deserves the title of best in each category of album, song or music video for 2015.

Wall of Sound has gone one step further with all the information we’ve gathered, awarding votes on a 5-4-3-2-1 basis for album and song of the year and 3-2-1 for music video of the year. So basically, it’s australian and international artists voting on their peers with a few spud writers thrown into the mix.

So without further ado, we’ll start with ‘SONG OF THE YEAR’.

Congratulations to Bring Me the Horizon who smashed competitors with their lead track, ‘Doomed’ from their album That’s the Spirit. The band had an incredible six tracks nominated yet still managed to pull off the number 1 spot from Sydney punk rock garage band, Royal Headache with their song, ‘High’. ‘Doomed’ has not been released as a single as such, but still managed to take the title as ‘Song of the Year’!
Top 5 FINAL ‘Song of the Year’ Voting
Bring Me the Horizon – ‘Doomed’ 13
Royal Headache – ‘High’ 10
Parkway Drive – ‘Crushed’ 9
Lamb of God – ‘512’ 7
Clutch – ‘X-Ray Visions’ 7

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