Legion Festival reveals Dates, Adelaide & Perth included + how YOU can help!

The crowd funded Soundwave replacement Legion Festival has been moving forward trying to salvage what it can from the fall of the best heavy rock music festival in the country. The concept itself was thought up by Australian drummer John Sankey from Devil You Know who obviously gives a shit about the music industry in Australia and wants to make sure us, the fans, can continue to enjoy live music from local and internationally loved talent.

Sankey told fans:

 “Our aim is to establish an event that will be able to sustainably visit 5 capital cities each year. Due to distance, travel and freight costs plus the major expenses involved in keeping acts in the country for an additional week makes it very difficult to produce the same sized open air shows in Perth and Adelaide as the east coast – particularly in the first year. We are confident however, with your support and continued discussions with state and local government, that we will achieve a positive outcome for 2017 onwards.”

And in regards to the size of the festival:

“After analyzing the challenges of previous Australian festivals we have made a decision to limit the capacity of the 2016 event to 10,000 per each east coast show. It’s our number one goal to give every single one of you a great experience regardless of the acts on the lineup. We will also look at continuing to limit numbers each year within reason to enable us to provide the best experience possible to the fans. Major factors like lining up for toilets, bars and food and too many bands playing at the same time piss us off as much as it does you. Limiting numbers on acts, stages, and capacities to reasonable levels can create a more enjoyable experience for everyone.”

The dates of the Festival have been announced on the Easter Long Weekend (including club shows for both Adelaide and Perth) and they are as followed

FRIDAY 1 APRIL 2016 ADELAIDE *(club mini-fest)
SATURDAY 2 APRIL 2016 PERTH *(club mini-fest)

Now pledging will be important for those who are keen to see this venture become a reality and we can officially start pledging on January 4th (for more info click here), so if you’re one of these people who say they’re keen for something but don’t follow it up, now is the time to get involved and help your fellow metal/rock loving brothers and sisters so we can continue rocking the fuck out to our favourite bands. In the latest statement from Legion, it states:

“Remember, your pledge does not cost anything at all unless we reach our funding goal. This way there is no risk to fans that the event won’t happen, no risk to the acts that they won’t be paid, and no risk that the costs of producing the shows will not be covered in full. We’ll also include the budget information on the pledge page so you know exactly what you’re committing your hard earned cash to once the goal is reached. Our pledge to you is that we will always be transparent with you on this important stuff.  It’s a fantastic new model that makes better sense than the old school model, but it only works if we champion the cause, pledge, and encourage our friends to pledge. This cannot happen without you!”

So help spread the word and lets see this bad boy get up and running soon. We’ll keep you updated with the news as it comes though to us until then get up to date here

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