Richie Newman departs Buried in Verona & Caulfield call it a day

Well this week can pretty much eat a bag of dicks. On top of all the Soundwave Festival drama that’s just getting messier with every day that passes we’ve also found out some pretty sad news for fans of Sydney bands Buried in Verona and Caulfield. They say bad things come in threes but this is just shit.

First up Buried in Verona who have had such an incredible year following he release of their new album “Vultures Above/Lions Below” shared a statement earlier in the week on Facebook stating guitarist/vocalist Richie Newman will be departing the band. He tells fans:

“Dear Legends, Fans of BIV, friends and family!

I’m going to keep this as short and as simple as possible.
This band has given me the opportunity to see the world, meet so many amazing people everywhere I have been, the last 7 years of my musical life with Buried In Verona has been nothing short of a blast, The friends I’ve made, the things I have done, man…. it’s been a crazy up and down ride that’s for sure! This whole experience has changed me as a person and as a musician, I’ve learnt a lot of great things on this amazing journey! But it’s time for me to hang up my guitar and step down from the band. I thank everyone for buying our albums, coming to shows, buying merch and the support you have given us/me over the years!

This isn’t the end for me, it’s just the start. I have something up my sleeve.

I love you all & the boys in the band, always will. and cheers legends for the good times!!

See you soon
Richie x”

Richie (alongside singer Brett Anderson) were the sole survivors of the band when the majority of it’s members left earlier this year before they turned things around and got back on track bigger and better than before. In our interview with Richie and James whilst on their headlining tour, Richie revealed he is a producer on the side and has helped many bands over the years, whether this is something he will continue to do full time, or if he’ll pop up in another musical ensemble is yet to be revealed but we wish him and the boys from Buried in Verona all the best moving forward. You can also get up to date with Brett Anderson‘s input for our 2015 ‘Year in Reviewhere



The next sad news is fellow Sydney hardcore act Caulfield have thrown in the towel collectively following 5 years together, a few line up changes, two albums and an EP. Continuing with the theme of revealing their news on Facebook they told fans:

“To a certain extent, any band comes to that fork in the road and begins to wonder what the reasons to keep going are, and whether these outweigh the reasons to stop.

I can safely say that I achieved all I hoped we would when I started this band way back when and am truly grateful to the people that have made this possible. This band has allowed us to travel Australia and make some amazing friends, play shows with some of our favourite bands and write and internationally release music.

Thanks to everyone that supported the group in any way shape or form. If you stream or own a copy of Clarity, Vanity or Outcast I hope you will continue in the future to give it a spin and feel free to let us know how much you love (or hate) it.

There are too many people to thank and if I tried to list all I would surely forget some important names. Special thanks go out to Neil, Sonny, Zac, Antonio,Oppy (thumb), Elder, Fi, Kate, Taz, Georgia, Teddy, Andy V, Will, Kassy, Jake and too many more to mention I would also give a shout out to Brad, Mahan and Ned from the original line up who started this journey with us.

We would prefer to go out with a bang rather than a sterile flaccid whimper… So we’ll be playing our farewell show at HotDamn on the 28th of Jan with friends.. Come along and share with all of us the ending of this venture. We will have a fuckload of merch to either give away or sell at next to nothing. There will be alot more details about this to come so stay tuned”

But the boys have been kind enough to share with fans a previously unreleased video for “Call My Name” from their most recent release “Outcast” which you can check out below. Also before the announcement front-man Jarrod Anthony Martin shared with us his thoughts in our 2015 ‘Year in Review’ here

Seriously 2015 can eat a bag of dicks and we’ll regroup and start fresh in 2016 with less break ups, final tours and Tom Delonge rejoining Blink-182 again… maybe.

Until next time, rock the fuck out

Browny (@brownypaul)

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