The last Soundwave Festival?

It appears Soundwave Festival 2016 may be the last in it’s long history as the annual Festival and it’s promoter AJ Maddah tweeted today that there will ‘Definitely be no SW17’.

The Festival has in recent years been marred by several problems and has now escalated to the point that the festival will be no more after January’s three shows and who will actually appearing be on the line up come January may not be set in concrete afterall.

In recent days UK powerhouse, Bring Me the Horizon has questioned the band’s existence on the line up, tweeting;

AJ Maddah has attempted to resolve issues with the band, since tweeting;

Whether this was payment related is unconfirmed however it follows on from a September tweet from Antemasque front man, Cedric Bixler-Zavala who stated Soundwave owed him money from his band, playing in February 2015;
cedric-soundwave-tweetFollowing a more long winded rant against the promoter and Soundwave, Zavala removed the social media tirade a few hours later.

There have been other band’s too that have vented anger or bewilderment at non-payment by Soundwave, including Fear Factory‘s front man Burton C.Bell from an interview in August with ‘Music Business Facts’ who stated his band had not been paid from February 2015 shows of Soundwave Festival.

Listen to the interview here –>

I asked, Fear Factory guitarist, Dino Cazares last month whether his band had been paid, and this was the blunt response;
UntitledSoundwave’s former operator Soundwave Festival Pty Ltd entered voluntary administration earlier this year after creditor World Stages Pty Ltd were successful in their application to wind up the company over an unpaid debt, as heard before the NSW Supreme Court back in September.

It follows two previous wind up orders from Spotless Facility Services and Pink Fence Pty Ltd, on insolvency grounds.

Soundwave Festival had already wound back for 2016 offering up a third of the number of band’s on the line up following a monstrous 2 day Festival for three cities in February this year. The upcoming February shows are back to a one day Festival. 2015 saw the Festival cut back from five to three cities, with Perth and Adelaide struck off the tour due to what the promoter deemed as poor ticket sales. 2014 also saw Soundwave Touring cease tours for bands across the year to Perth and Adelaide, again Maddah, stating the cost was too much. Tours such as Trivium and Mastodon never made it past the east coast and further riled up fans of heavy music on the other side of the country.

Though Maddah suggested ticket sales were ‘reasonable’ for the 2016 Soundwave Festival just a few weeks back, it is believed that sales are far from ok, something that no doubt led to Maddah’s tweet regarding a 2017 Festival.

Everyone who has ever attended a Soundwave Festival can at least agree on one thing – it was the one Festival per year that everyone wanted to get to, be it the band’s themselves or the fans and it will be a shame if 2016 is indeed the end.

Hopefully the bridges burnt in the past can be quickly mended.


Tickets for 2016 Soundwave Festival can be purchased here.



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