Nick Jost – Baroness (audio interview)

Baroness has been around for a while now but it could have all so easily ended in tragedy back in 2012 when the band’s tour bus catapulted down a 30 foot embankment. Fortunately no-one died. Fast forward 3 years and the band is ready to drop their new album, Purple. More of a riffage beast then the expansiveness of the Yellow & Green double album, the new record has ushered in a new era for the band and hopefully, a whole lot more Baroness in the world. The intricacy is still there, it’s just a ‘more to the point’ album and one that should please fans when released on the 18th of this month.

Wall of Sound caught up with bass player, Nick Jost, mid-tour, on a rare day off before the band’s current United States shows continued. Jost, joined the band in 2013, along with drummer, Sebastian Thomson. From a jazz background, though there are elements of metal in his history, Jost’s finger bleeding bass lines are without doubt an exciting addition to Baroness.

Will we one day see the upright bass on stage with Baroness?

This new combination alongside lead guitarist, Peter Adams and vocalist/guitarist and, ‘the art guy’, John Baizley form to make a startling combination on Purple. Hear what Jost thinks about it, the recording process, touring, vinyl records and more….

Also check out this album prview from the band featuring primarily, Nick Jost….

The album, Purple is out December 18th!

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