Aiden King – Jericco (Pre Tour Q & A)

We couldn’t let a bunch of talented kiwi’s get away with all the fun (read Villainy interview) so we managed to coax the drummer from Melbourne’s Jericco, the talented Mr Aiden King to answer the same questions. If you missed the news, Jericco, Sydonia and NZ’s Villainy are heading out on a three pronged attack across four states kicking off this Friday at Brisbane’s iconic, The Zoo!
jericco bannerSo for a little insight into Jericco including tid-bits on tour life and the band…check out Kingy’s answers;

1.) How did your band name come about?
So Roy (Roy Amar – bass player) is not from around here. I once heard a rumour he was raised in the same place that the Windows 95 default background photo was taken, but more importantly they did not speak Australian. Roy moved/software updated to Australia and started a band. Basically Roy fucked up and spelt Jericho wrong and went with Jericco and every single fucking venue has spelt our name wrong since… Thanks a lot ROY!

2.) Every band has had a complete ‘stuff up’ here or there across their history, whether it was when they first started playing or perhaps in more recent times. What is your band’s funniest moment on stage?
We rehearse way to much, so technically wise we rarely ‘stuff up’ even when tooting our own horn “a thank you”. But the best moment’s I have on stage as lead drummer is locking eyes with each band member during the set and talking in facial expressions (no words). I like have  full on conversations about life, boobs in the crowd or heavy metal head banging in slow songs. Now you’re probably saying “fuck if that’s the highlight, why do you do it?” to that I say **insert facial expression **.

3.) Who is the ‘coolest’ artist you have ever met in your travels, be it with your time in the band or otherwise?
Oh that’s a tough one. Nothing comes to mind in my time with Jericco but in my time as an Audio engineer I have met some cool people by accident. I got to hang out with Paul Kelly and Neil Finn backstage at Laneway festival. Just the three of us having a chin wag about how people treat Music festivals like a costume parties and me trying super hard not to have a fan ’plosion and start punishing them and hand them my demo.

4.) What has been the weirdest request you’ve ever had asked by a fan to any band member?
I have two that I should have properly cleared with our lawyers before saying this but fuck it:
1#: We played a killer gig in Bendigo and when loading the van this bloke comes up to us and is super chilled and genuinely a cool dude and then all of a sudden after a massive pause he says, “Hey…………………, want to go the park and pick up some old bitches”? To his dismay we declined his kind offer, grabbed a maxibon (ice-cream) at the servo and got the fuck out of Bendigo!
2#: Mount Gambier:
Bloke at merch table Question: “Oi, why do you call that song B-song”?
Jericco Answer: “It’s because the guitars are tuned down to B”
Bloke at merch table reply: “Oh yea, my band had a song like that except it was called ‘Ass To Mouth’.

5.) You’re on the tour bus and just been handed the iPod, what’s the next 5 songs you choose?
1: ‘You Raise Me Up’ by Westlife
2: Mexican version of ABBA’s ‘Fernando’
3: ‘Dead Man’ by Karnivool
4: ‘Cheyah’ by Mr Bill
5: Some 90’s metal band that now sucks
6.) Every person has a ‘guilty pleasure’ song or artist that you may not want the world to know. It’s time to open your closet…who is it and why?
Paramore. I have no idea why I feel guilty to be totally on board with that band, but aint it fun?

7.) Tour life can be a mission sometimes getting a decent feed. What’s the worst thing you’ve eaten on the road with the band?
We always stop at Boarder Town when driving to Adelaide and the bakery has a Parmi pie. Now you are probably thinking that this is an amazing concept. If only they had the marketing budget to back the product to compete in the big leagues. Unfortunately the marketing campaign behind the parmi pie is not the issue, my issue with the pie was it taste like Vladimir Putin’s morals.

8.) The Frenzal Rhomb drummer, Gordy Forman famously broke his arm stage diving in Perth earlier this year – still the band carried on, swapping positions and completing the set. Has there ever been a stage injury of any kind for any band member in your history and if so, did you complete your set?
Luke (the first drummer) once vomited purple during a live recording at the Excelsior (Sydney) and carried on with the gig and spent the night in Hospital. I was at the bar, Listening to Frenzal Rhomb!

9.) Think way back, what was the first album you ever purchased?
Alanis Morrisete (Jaggered Little Pill) made me the man I am today.

10.) Finally, what was the first band you ever purchased a ticket too and saw live?
Motor Ace at the Colac Town Hall.

$15 pre-sale, $20 on the door – Tickets from
w/ special guests Flynn Effect & Balloons Kill Babies

$20 pre-sale, $25 on the door – Tickets from
w/ special guests Ocean & Majora

$20 pre-sale, $25 on the door – Tickets from
w/ special guests Gatherer & Majora

$15 pre-sale, $20 on the door – Tickets from
w/ special guests Colibrium & Baltimore Poet

* No Sydonia


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