James Dylan – Villainy (Pre Tour Q & A)

New Zealand’s Villainy, are crossing the Tasman this week playing four shows before returning and supporting none other than Ac/Dc back on home soil. With a New Zealand #4 album, now the band have Australian audiences in their sight. Their album Dead Sight, which features the single ‘Syria’, was released last Friday via MGM Distribution in stores and online.

Joining up with Villainy will be the well-known and well-loved Melbourne natives Jericco and Sydonia on a four-date, three-way capital city assault in mid-November, taking them from Brisbane to Sydney, then Melbourne and finishing in Adelaide. The three bands have joined forces to put together what is surely a Tour-De-Force of Australian and New Zealand’s rock offerings.
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To get you fired up for this awesome line up we fired off some Q & A’s to bassist, James Dylan to get a little insight into a band, tour life and the Villainy way.

1.) How did your band name come about?
It basically came from a massive email chain brainstorm. It was probably the only name that was any good. “HeliCockters” was taken, and “Quivering Qunt” was way too hard to spell.

2.) Every band has had a complete ‘stuff up’ here or there across their history, whether it was when they first started playing or perhaps more recent times. What is your band’s funniest moment on stage?
One of our first ever shows as Villainy – Thom (Thom Watts – lead guitarist) walked up on stage and somehow short-circuited the power to the whole place. Luckily though, it meant we got to set up in darkness and build way more anticipation. I’m pretty sure that was the same show Neill accidentally did a back-flip off the stage and got blood everywhere.

3.) Who is the ‘coolest’ artist you have ever met in your travels, be it with your time in the band or otherwise?
Definitely Vanilla Ice. He taught us how to do the secret ninja handshake, and we taught him how to do the secret handshake from Community. Good times. Thom also met Jack White back stage, found his socks in the dressing room after he played, took them home, wore them, and then got them lost in the wash.

4.) What has been the weirdest request you’ve ever been asked by a fan to any band member?
A heavily tattooed guy once tried to coax Thomas into a threesome with him and his equally tattooed girlfriend. Other than that we have a lot of people saying they’re going to tattoo our signatures on their arms/boobs. Nobodys ever followed through though. Pussies.

5.) You’re on the tour bus and just been handed the iPod, what’s the next 5 songs you choose?
Limp Bizkit – Rollin’, Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff, Limp Bizkit – Take a look around, Limp Bizkit – Nookie, then Neill wrestles the ipod away from the rest of the band and puts on Pretty Pimpin by Kurt Vile.

6.) Every person has a ‘guilty pleasure’ song or artist that you may not want the world to know. It’s time to open your closet…who is it?
Limp Bizkit

7.) Tour life can be a mission sometimes getting a decent feed, what’s the worst thing you’ve eaten on the road with the band?
Dave and I have a knack for getting free pies from service stations at 3am. Some of them have definitely been there for a while, and probably dropped on the floor by previous drunkards. But they’re free and therefore delicious.

8.) The Frenzal Rhomb drummer, Gordy Forman famously broke his arm stage diving in Perth earlier this year – still the band carried on, swapping positions and completing the set. Has there ever been a stage injury of any kind for any band member in your history and if so, did you complete your set?
I mentioned it previously but Neill once back-flipped off the stage and landed on his head. He broke a few tuning pegs off his guitar and had blood dripping into his eyes. Luckily it was the end of the last song. There’s actually a recording of it somewhere, and the crowd cheered way louder for his injury than for us finishing the set. Another time I tore one of the ligaments in my ankle on the very first beat of our very first song playing in front of about 2000 people. Luckily adrenaline and endorphins covered up the pain for the rest of the night. But it looked like a football the next day.

9.) Think way back, what was the first album you ever purchased?
I always used to buy albums based on the number of tracks that were on them. You got more bang for your buck that way. So it was probably a compilation CD, probably containing Limp Bizkit.

10.) Finally, what was the first band you ever purchased a ticket too and saw live?
It was probably The D4 playing an instore at Real Groovy sometime around 2001. I remember Dion climbing a speaker stack and it almost falling over, and I won some Chucks that lasted for about 10 years before they were too broken to keep wearing.

$15 pre-sale, $20 on the door – Tickets from zoo.oztix.com.au
w/ special guests Flynn Effect & Balloons Kill Babies

$20 pre-sale, $25 on the door – Tickets from factorytheatre.com.au
w/ special guests Ocean & Majora

$20 pre-sale, $25 on the door – Tickets from princebandroom.oztix.com.au
w/ special guests Gatherer & Majora

$15 pre-sale, $20 on the door – Tickets from moshtix.com.au
w/ special guests Colibrium & Baltimore Poet

* No Sydonia




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