Good Charlotte release sappy emo love song “Makeshift Love”

First Simple Plan released a new song which sounded pretty damn good and now these guys are back on the scene again (If My Chemical Romance announce a reunion soon, this could be the official revival of the emo scene!?) but first let’s play catch up…

Benji and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte have been pretty busy stroking each other’s egos on The Voice Australia and releasing a terrible “somewhat solo” album which sounded nothing like they have done in the past and your parents most probably bought a copy of it because they dug the “attitude” the brothers had and the catchyness of their songs because commercial radio played the shit out of that “We Are Done” piece of crap… ughhh!

Fast forward to today we’ve got some interesting news that the brothers have rejoined their Good Charlotte brothers from other mothers to attempt to make decent music again. Now before you jump to conclusions and say “But they’ve already released a song earlier this year for the Pixels movie“, shut your mouth as that was more of a collaboration with Waka Flocka Flame (or however you pronounce his name) so it wasn’t purely we know from the guys.

The new track titled “Makeshift Love” brings us back to earlier Good Charlotte (think of a combination between The Chronicles of Life & Death and their Self-Titled 200 release) and as the title suggests it’s a sappy song with emo connotations and a theme of love lost, something the boys managed to do right back in their peak success.

If this is an indication of what we can expect from the boys, things are looking good for long time fans and followers. It’d be great if they could replicate/better their 2007 release “Good Morning Revival” because that album, hands down was their best to date and you’d be lying to yourself if you thought otherwise. Go back and have another listen if you don’t believe me, but first take a listen to the new song below (or buy it on iTunes here)

Until next time, get your emo on (in preparation for it’s comeback)

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